Landscaping Ideas with Bronze Statues and Sculptures

Sculpture has been largely monumental since the beginning of time and till this day, continues to make its mark on us. Over the centuries, our society has learned to appreciate the use of sculptures as a way of expressing ourselves. Take a look around and you will see many ways sculptures are used to adorn a surrounding. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because we use sculptures to represent our way of thinking and to make a statement about the way we feel about ourselves.


Take a walk into the city and you might notice a whimsical statue of a pig holding a chalkboard that stands outside a restaurant. Your immediate impression is that the statue has added some inviting and special appeal to the restaurant. You might smile looking at the statue and then decide to talk a walk into the restaurant to explore what the establishment offers by way of the menu list spelled on the chalkboard. Or you might take a walk past a large park, a beautiful haven for resting and enjoying an enjoyable walk, and then notice an elegant grand fountain topped with a massive bronze sculpture that adds to an aura and which probably caught your attention. You decide to take a photograph of yourself by the fountain and the rest of the time, you spend enjoying the scenic view of the park and the people who visit it. You consider the fountain sculpture the intriguing reason which caused you to consider exploring the rest of the park.


Hence, sculptures have a meaning in our lives. We invest in them because they serve a purpose in allowing us to express ourselves. Many of our customers come to us asking us what kind of sculptures will work for them. Well, it all depends on what you intend the sculpture to do for you. If you are someone who likes expressions, you might consider investing in reproductions like those created by Michelangelo. Such an instance could be David or you might invest in contemporary or antique sculptures which add a character to your surroundings. Some of us may consider adorning our home with some life size statues or sculptures while others may choose to add them to the garden landscape. When planning them for your garden, think of what purpose they should serve in your garden. Remember that your garden is an extension of the personality that you have created for your home. You want to reflect the same tastes and character that you have set aside for your home and take that outdoors as well. That stated, you will want to invest in sculptures which welcome the look that you have created for your home as well so that when you walk out into your yard, you bring the look and color as well as the schemes you see indoors, to the outside as well.


When a customer comes to us for direction, we usually consider all their options and how they wish to dress their yard. Are you going for the formal look or maybe you prefer your garden to carry a comfortable appeal and so the informal theme may be a welcome for you? Do you have a lot of room in your garden or are you constrained by space? Are you looking to create a secret garden so that your guests can explore the magic and mystery that awaits them or would you like your guests to gather in a courtyard or patio selected for entertaining them? When you answer all these questions, you will also be able to decide where your sculptures should be placed to cater to your tastes and appeal and the form they should take. Some of us may like to use fountains and imbibe the calm and collected nature that water adds to the environment while some of us may carefully choose sculptures like a lamp post sculpture to add a mystery by the walkway or as a direction to the front yard. Where you place them is based on the plan as to how your garden landscape will work for you.


There are so many sculptures available that you can use to add character to the garden. If you are considering sculptures which add character, we usually recommend the use of bronze statues and sculptures for permanent outdoor use. While they are an investment and can be expensive, you will certainly gain from the long term appeal bronze will add over time. The fact is for centuries, mankind has explored the use of the bronze alloy as a way of expressing themselves. Time has given us the knowledge of its benefits that we can use today. Hence, many sculptors now create bronze statues and sculptures as a way of expression. It is common to see beautiful bronze sculptures in courtrooms in the form of the Lady of Justice sculptures or to see two life size lion statues set on massive pedestals to adorn the establishment. Walk to a park and you will see a massive bronze fountain as a centerpiece of its attraction or you might visit the local library and you will amazed at the sight of two children sitting on a bench and reading a book.


Bronze sculptures certainly add character and we welcome any questions you might have with selecting them for your indoor and outdoor needs. Please visit our bronze sculptures and statues catalog for unique choices for your decorating options. A selection of helpful links are included as follows to cater to your specific interests:



Here, you will find an exciting array of bronze animal sculptures from life size lion statues to adorn a front yard or a grand entry way or other animals like horses for a riding school and large to life size animal sculptures for a museum, for use as a mascot or for adding to a zoo or park.



Some of us may like to include life size sculptures of birds like the cranes or herons to add character to our garden landscape. Some might find the appeal delivered through the use of life size American eagle sculptures to add character to the entrance walls or perhaps, you might consider investing in tabletop eagle statues as a way of adorning your den or office. Swans might find their way as part of the water feature for your garden or courtyard while those of us who revere the tropical appeal might consider the enchanting look of the pelicans.



Some of our customers shop for memorial sculptures of cats. A beautiful bronze cat sculpture might pay tribute to the loss of your loving cat and our catalog here highlights tabletop sculptures of cats for use both at home or in the garden. You can even present them as gifts to friends who love cats!



How can we ever forget the joy that children give us? Check out our children statues catalog for inspiring large to life size bronze sculptures of children to display in your garden or consider investing in them for a school or park. There are even fountain sculptures of children for the garden pond or fountain.


Religious Statues

If you are looking for a life size bronze Jesus statue for a church or Christian organization, then you have come to the right place. Visit our religious statues catalog for inspiring selections of marble and bronze religious statues for churches or as memorials. Our sculptures are also suitable for use in a memorial garden or cemetery.


Classical Reproductions

If you like reproductions like the Biblical version of David and sculptures that capture the look of the art such as ballet or dancing or even based on female forms, then you have come to the right place to shop for large to life size pieces which add character and good taste.



If we did cats, we will not forget dogs! Our choice of bronze dog sculptures cover many dog breeds like greyhounds, whippets, boxers, bulldogs, Labradors and even terriers. They come large or small and make suitable sculptures for use as a memorial or for simply adding character to the garden landscape. We even have dog statues peeing if you are looking to add a fountain statue for the garden pond with a whimsical appeal.



Our bronze dragons include the Oriental dragon for adding good fortune and luck to an establishment. If you are a restaurant or business looking to invest in a beautiful Chinese dragon to add Feng Shui and wealth indoors, then explore our choices of inviting bronze Chinese dragons you could use.



Whether you are a golf enthusiast looking to adorn your garden or a golf school looking to invest in a life size golfer for adding character to your landscape, you have come to the right place for investing in a golfer that goes with free shipping. We even have tabletop golf statues for use as awards.


Planters, Vases and Urns

Bronze planters and vases will add character to any garden landscape or even make inviting table centerpieces. Why not invest in a vase or urn to set a focal point in the dining room or even hallway? Or perhaps, you might consider a choice of two large garden urns for your entrance ways or to mark the entry way to your new pool?


Bronze sculptures are designed to lasting. They are wonderful solutions for the outdoors and come with many attractive features and possibilities. Email us if you need further help in our selections.