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The wonder and beauty of sea life has inspired the creation of many unique sculptures such as the crab statues, seahorse statues, dolphin statues, sting rays, fish statues including sea marlins, tarpons, bass and other wildlife creatures, small and large like the shark sculptures and blue whale sculptures. Our sea life sculptures, statues and gifts include beautiful choices for a coastal décor which are also suitable choices for the beach and sea theme. Welcome the beauty that lies within the sea and ocean with a choice of unique sea sculptures that add character and beauty to the home and garden.
Crab Statues, Sculptures, Figurines and Gifts
Explore unique crab statues and sculptures including crab themed gifts and ideas.
Dolphin Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Explore small and large dolphin statues and sculptures including brass dolphin tabletop statues, dolphin fountain spitters and bronze dolphin sculptures for the home or garden decor.
Fish Sculptures, Statues and Fish Gifts
Displays an outstanding selection of fish statues, sculptures and gifts for a coastal and sea decor theme.
Lobster Statues, Sculptures and Gifts
Explore lobster statues, sculptures and gifts for the coastal decor and sea themed home and garden.
Manatee Statues, Sculptures and Gifts
Explore manatee sculptures including manatee figurines, statues and manatee gifts.
Manta Ray Sculptures, Statues and Figurines
Explore manta ray statues and sculptures including brass manta ray figurines and tabletop sculptures.
Octopus Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Explore octopus statues, sculptures and figurines which add a sea themed addition to the desk or the tabletop.
Seahorse Sculptures, Statues and Gifts
Explore marine seahorses and unique sea horse decor including candleholders, wall hooks and other sculptures.
Bronze Shark Sculptures, Statues and Gifts
Explore unique shark statues, sculptures and shark gifts including killer shark statues and decorations.
Whale Sculptures, Statues and Gifts
Explore the beauty of whale sculptures and statues with humpback whales and killer whales.
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Walrus Tabletop Sculpture
Walrus Tabletop Sculpture
List Price: $2,250.00
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Walrus Tabletop Sculpture
Our walrus sculpture celebrates these unique mammals known to live in the Arctic. Sculpture is made of bronze on marble base.
Dramatize and add unique sculptures of the sea which then ushers a sea themed atmosphere to the home. The sea is replete with fishes of all kinds and we are happy to bring in some of these unique sculptures that would allow you to celebrate their presence in the sea. we also added crustaceans to our catalof for those looking to add crab statues to their home decor. Blue marlins and swordfishes might entice the fisherman at heart and we have featured selections of Blue Marlin sculptures to add interest to a den or office. For those wanting sharks, we have not forgotten and have but introduced shark statues and sculptures which add character and depth to a living room space. Celebrate with our range of sea animals and enjoy the free shipping which comes with each respective purchase.
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