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Bronze Children Statues, Sculptures and Figurines

Our bronze statues of children add a unique dimension as it features an outstanding range of small and large children statues like our boy and girl statue on a bench, mother and children statues, and statues of children performing a significant task like playing the guitar to picking pears off a fruit tree. Visit for life size bronze children statues including reading children sculptures for a school or library. Also discover children statues for the garden and as fountain statues for the pool or pond.

We will match and do better on any in-stock or custom bronze sculpture. Email us.
Bronze Boy and Girl Children Fountains
Features bronze boy and girl fountain statues and spitters as well as children garden fountains.
Bronze Children on Bench Statues and Sculptures
Features children on benches such as a boy and girl on bench sculptures.
Bronze Boy Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Features bronze boy statues and sculptures with reading boy statues, boy with dog statues and other sculptures.
Bronze Girl Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Explore bronze girl sculptures and statues for the desk or as gifts for a memorial, garden or library.
Bronze Life Size Children Sculptures
Features bronze life size boy and girl sculptures including hiking and camping children statues, playground children and fishing boy statues.
Bronze Boy and Girl Reading Children Statues and Sculptures
Explore bronze boy and girl reading statues and sculptures for the garden or school and the library.
Bronze Tabletop Children Sculptures
Features tabletop children figurines for teacher gifts and gifts for a graduation.
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Cheerleader Girl Statue
Cheerleader Girl Statue
Your Price: Contact customer service via email see details below
Cheerleader Girl Statue
A young cheerleader girl dances her way to stardom in this bronze sculpture.
Bronze Mother Kissing Child
Mother and Daughter Statue
List Price: $1,150.00
Your Price: $650.00
You Save: $500.00 (43 %)
Mother and Daughter Statue
Crafted from bronze, our mother and child statues includes this fine bronze sculpture of a mother sharing her love with her young child.
Bronze Being with Mother Statue
Bronze Mother and Her Children Statue
List Price: $1,698.00
Your Price: $1,050.00
You Save: $648.00 (38 %)
Bronze Mother and Her Children Statue
Crafted from bronze, our mother and child statues includes this fine bronze sculpture of a mother sharing her love with her young children.
A Mother with Her Baby Sculpture
A Mother with Her Baby Bronze Sculpture
List Price: $3,950.00
Your Price: $1,398.00
You Save: $2,552.00 (65 %)
A Mother with Her Baby Bronze Sculpture
One of our sweet sculptures showing a young mother with her baby son. Bronze sculpture on marble base.
Boy Pushing Girl on Swing Bronze Statue
Boy Pushing Girl on Swing Bronze Statue
List Price: $15,000.00
Your Price: $5,998.00
You Save: $9,002.00 (60 %)
Boy Pushing Girl on Swing Bronze Statue
A little boy pushes his sister in this swing statue made for the outdoors. Bronze.
Enduring Love from a Mother Bronze Sculpture
Enduring Love from a Mother Bronze Sculpture with Bench Included
List Price: $13,500.00
Your Price: $9,980.00
You Save: $3,520.00 (26 %)
Enduring Love from a Mother Bronze Sculpture with Bench Included
Only a mother can give the love a child needs and this sculpture of a loving mother simply captures such a love so divinely. Bronze sculpture.
Children are our life. They make the future and they set the dreams. Here, our range of children statues and sculptures come with every detail considered and make wonderful sculptures for the garden even serving as memorial sculptures to mark the loss of a precious one. Please email for more information.

The great civilizations of the world produced many bronze sculptures and statuettes. As sculptures of the ancient world inspired and captured the imagination revealing forms and figures which delivered an event or a powerful story, the modern world followed suit and continued the process of making bronze sculptures to deliver the same. This is because of the versatility and strength of the bronze metal. It has shown proof of lasting a lifetime and is supple enough so the sculptor can create a form that tells a lasting story for the audience to follow.

Bronze is therefore a fitting consideration to make when purchasing sculptures of children. There are so many emotions which can be tied to a boy and girl sculpture that you would not find in other sculptures made of stone and cement as an instance. And above all, sculptures of boy and girl made of bronze last for a very long time. Think of a boy or girl who is reading on a bench and you would realize that such sculptures might find use in schools or in libraries where the habit of reading can be inculcated through a representation of an art form such as a child reading a book. When you enter the institution, the immediate idea that is captured is that it is a place where a young boy or girl learns till he or she reaches adulthood. Some libraries may even show bronze sculptures of older male and female sculptures guiding a young boy or girl in the learning process. Such pieces will deliver a statement to the public what the institution represents to society.

And bronze children sculptures not only add an enchanting statement for a park or public site such as a museum or town hall, but can be used to deliver a message. Some ballet schools may highlight dancing sculptures of a boy or girl to encourage young boys and girls to explore the form of dancing while museums may highlight statues that emphasize the joy of scientific discoveries in which case, a sculpture of a child reading a book may apply or one that highlights an adult guiding a child towards making an intelligent find, may do well as an exemplary statue in the foyer or hallway of the establishment.

Sculptures of children are also fine choices to consider for use as memorial sculptures to celebrate a boy or girl. Because bronze is a metal that is capable of delivering a form and oftentimes facial expressions are artistically captured, this makes them suitable for use as children sculptures. Many sculptors can make children sculptures and statues to suit a purpose and deliver a character such as playing football, skiing, volleyball or even putting in the game of golf.

So, the next time you decide to purchase a boy or girl statue, consider the use of the material makeup if you are looking to purchase one that will last a long time. If you are afraid of theft, we suggest bolting your sculptures down in cement and using rebars as a way of holding your statue into the ground.

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