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Bronze Doe Sculpture - Life Size

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Bronze Doe Sculpture - Life Size
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Our life size bronze deer sculpture adds innocence to the garden and highlights a deer who seems rather curious about her. She coems beautifully detailed and is made for outdoor display.
Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 44"H x 57" x 21"
We will match and do better on any in-stock or custom sculpture. Email us.

Normally ships in 12-16 weeks.
If you need this produced for shipment to you, please be advised there is a 50% deposit we need to make to the factory to commence production. Delivery is 12-16 weeks because it ships via sea freight.

Deer Fun Facts

Did you know that deer lacked upper incisors and are herbivores? Because they lacked upper incisors, deer would bite off vegetation by pressing their lower incisors against a pad on their upper gum. Depending on the species, deer will consume twigs, leaves, fruits and nuts, lichens, shrubs, grass and even aquatic plants. Some deer especially the white-tailed deer variety will bite off the bark from trees. During harsh winters, the white-tailed deer will repress their need for food by changing their metabolism during the cold season causing them to eat less.

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