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Set of Large Bronze Goose Fountain Statues

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Set of Bronze Goose Fountain Statues
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One of the common waterfowls known to the Western Hemispheres. the goose is known to be related to the swans but are considered one of the more aggressive waterfowl birds. Here, our set of large goose statues come beautifully detailed with a personality and are designed as fountain sculptures.
They are wonderful additions for creating character for a water garden feature or even close to the swimming pool.


Dimensions as a set:

Goose Looking Up measures about 49"H x 24" x 12"
Weight: About 48 lbs

Goose Looking Down measures about 36"H x 24" x 12"
Weight: About 46 lbs

Normally ships in 2-3 weeks. NOT AVAILABLE.

Fountain Fun Facts

Some homeowners can even get more adventurous and engage the use of wildlife animals like an elephant fountain statue ushering water through its big trunk or they may place a set of geese fountain statues by a pond such as this pair showing a gander goose spouting water while its female goose joins in as well. When you look about you, there’s so much you can do to add color and form to the garden with the use of attractive fountain sculptures.

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