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Bronze Mother Wolf with Pup Sculpture

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Bronze Mother Wolf with Pup Sculpture
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The beauty of the gray wolf is exemplified through this magnificent statue crafted of bronze highlighting a little puppy sharing the comfort of its mother's warmth.
Hand finished, it serves as a suitable sculpture for the home and garden, or as a school mascot.

Dimensions: 20"H x 33"L x 22"W
We will match and do better on any in-stock or custom bronze sculpture. Email us.

Normally ships in 12-16 weeks. Please email for information.

Wolf Fun Facts

The wolf is known to be a very social animal and lives with its pack, many times doing their own part to care for the young and other members of their family. They have been known to care for the ones who get sick or injured and will also educate new pups to the pack. While the alpha male and alpha female will breed and hunt for the pack, the rest of the wolves will do their part and educate young wolves and puppies into following the rituals of their pack such as sharing their hunting strategies and educating younger members on the skill of hunting. Like humans, wolves too enforce their own culture and will pass the knowledge of what they know from generation to generation. It has been said that wolves express a lot of loss and mourn when a member of their pack passes on.

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