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Children Statues

Children statues which include boy and girl statues, add an innocence to the garden, evoking a youthful presence by highlighting a mood or action that we can all relate to. Our children statues include bronze children statues and figurines, girl on bench statues, boy statues, mother and child statues, garden girl statues, bronze football sculptures and reading children statues. Also visit for tabletop boy and girl statues for the home. For bronze children sculptures, please visit the catalog for all bronze statues to see our children statue selections. Visit our bronze children sculptures for more bronze children statues and selections.
Children are an investment and represent the resources whcih will be tapped to usher in the next generation of thinkers, lawyers, teachers etc. Our children statues are designed to add a happy and peaceful addition to the garden landscape. There are so many types of children statues available in the marketplace today. Some are shown in the form of golfer boy statues while other boy statues are shown as reading boy statues suitable for use in the library or school. For instance, schools and libraries may be searching for children statues that take the reading posture. Boy and girl reading statues are popular choices for representing a specific behavior of children who love reading books.
Generally, children statues highlight boy and girl statues that can be used to enhance a certain perception. Apart from reading statues, there are large to life size bronze children statues that highlight a golfer or golfer girl, or a child holding the tennis racquet or even showing children with the basketball. Some children statues come in the form of leap frog statues showing the closeness of a borther and sister duo. Some other children statues show a mother and child pair to add an interest to the desk or tabletop. Children statues are also neat additions to add to Grandma's and Grandpa's garden. Some grandparnts enjoy adding children statues to the garden and take a lot of trouble finding the right children statues to add to their garden. They also enjoy children fountain sculptures which tell a story. Children pond stauary can add a lot of drama to a pond or swimming pool. Some children statues highlight a group of children as part of the children fountain sculpture. They make an inviting addition to the garden pond and come beautifully handcrafted to last a lifetime.
IN all, children sculptures are a wise and welcoming addition to make to a garden. They highlight vibrancy, form and color in the garden landscape and will arouse a lot of attention wherever they are placed. Children sculptures add love and happiness to a garden and will surely bring joy to the homeowner. Invest in children statues or sculptures that tell a story and can be used to create meaning in our lives. IF you need more information on our children statues, please email us and someone will get back to you on your questions relating to our children statues.
Boy and Girl Fountain Sculptures
Features boy and girl fountain statues and spitter sculptures for the pond and pool.
Boy Statues, Sculptures and Tabletop Figurines
Explore boy statues for a memorial, birthday or as a gift.
Children Garden Fountains
Features small and large children fountains for the patios, courtyards and garden.
Children Statues
For those who love boys and girls; catalog features large to life size bronze children sculptures as well.
Large to Life Size Girl Garden Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
An adorable selection of girl statues for a birthday, graduation day or as a memorial.
Large to Life Size Children Sculptures
Features large to life size children measuring 40"H and above for memorials, park statues and statues for a school or library...
Reading Boy and Girl Sculptures
Fine selections of boy and girl reading statues for a school, library, park, memorial with tabletop sculptures for a graduation or birthday.
Tabletop Children Figurines and Gifts
Features tabletop boy and girl figurines, children bookends and unique gifts with the children theme.
For those who are seeking larger children sculptures as memorial statues for the garden, we recommend using bronze sculptures for long term use. Resin like clay will corrode over time, and will eventually disintegrate. You will do better placing bronze children sculptures instead since bronze is a metal tested through time, and is durable.

Children are our Future: Celebrate our Children Now

Sculptures have long interested man. Right from the beginning till the present time, sculptures were created and used to communicate an emotion and a thought, sometimes inviting the masses to subscribe to a certain idea that all should follow. When placed in public squares and government offices, monuments take on a communal feeling to sound an idea to the general masses to accept and engage a certain perspective delivered to them. People begin to relate to the sculpture the more they see it and soon equate the sculpture to signify a way of life they should follow.

Of all the sculptures we create, children sculptures form the joy of so many households and even government institutions like schools and libraries. That is not surprising because children are the backbone of our society and the little people who will one day shoulder the responsibilities of the future. And so, children represent to us an integral form of our lives – they are our investment for the future. Hence, most of us will remember the importance of children in our lives by celebrating them and sculptures are created to highlight the way we think of them.

Look around and you will find countless sculptures of children including boy and girl sculptures designed to tell a story and add to the character of the setting they are placed in. For those who have large gardens to spare, you might consider investing in large to life size children sculptures to add an impact and a focal point. For instance, you might find a need for a sculpture of a boy or girl to include in a niche or to add an element of surprise amidst your garden greenery. Or perhaps, you might like to present a boy or girl sculpture as a garden gift to Grandma and Grandpa so they know they are always thought of. Regardless of the need, many of us enjoy having children sculptures to capture the moments of our childhood. Some of the reasons for having children sculptures include the following:

  1. Identification with a Game or Sport

If you have a son who loves the sport Daddy enjoys like a game of golf for instance, chances are you might want to find a boy statue dressed in a golfer outfit and looking like a golfing champion. Some parents may also like to invest in sculptures which capture the theme of basketball, volleyball, tennis and even fishing. Look around and you will find so many children sculptures created to capture the joy of fishing, a sport that many American fathers would relate to and want to see adorning their yard. Then of course, who can avoid a young boy dressed as a rising football star?

  1. Identification with the Joy of Reading

Our desire to educate our children is revealed through the use of reading sculptures designed to inculcate the value of reading in classrooms and schools. Many of us may give a set of bookends which show a boy and a girl reading – we find that giving such bookends will send a message to the child that he or she should concentrate on being a good student in school. Sometimes, we might present such a gift to a teacher to applaud him or her for the work done in educating our children. Ever visited a library and found a life size sculpture of a boy and girl reading on a bench? These sculptures are growing in popularity and many libraries including school libraries invest money to buy such sculptures to communicate the need to educate the young to get serious about the reading habit. Setting such sculptures at the entrance of the school or library also shows the value that the institution places on inculcating the reading habit and that it should start when the child is young.

  1. Identification with the Loss of a Child

Many parents may invest in life size sculptures of children showing a boy or a girl to set them up as memorial sculptures in a garden or park. Oftentimes, parents wish to celebrate the memory of their children by having a statue of a boy or girl memorialized as a reminder of the child they loved. Some schools may participate in this by setting up a small garden to include the sculpture of a child and mark this in remembrance of a student they once knew and loved. Sometimes, sculptures of a boy and girl may be found adorning a grave or a cemetery. These sculptures may be made in cast stone or bronze, and will show the child statue in the form of a ballerina, a golfer, a tennis or football star or as a student reading a book. Such sculptures are intended to capture the personal side of the child who passed on and the value of that sculpture becomes so important in celebrating the loss of that child.

Children sculptures add a lot of interest and importance in our society. We celebrate young boys and girls by creating sculptures of them which we use to adorn our garden and public spaces. Whether they come small or life size, sculptures of such order help communicate our feeling about our child and our hopes for their future. As such, children sculptures will always hold an importance in our lives and in our society.

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