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Bronze Classical Statues, Sculptures and Figurines

The beauty of the classics comes cast in a durable material called bronze and highlights a lovely selection of ancient Greek and Roman statues like the Venus sculptures, Diana and many other female statues and sculptures that add a wonderful and uplifting appeal to the classical home and garden. Discover also a range of classical sculptures based on actual Greek and Roman reproductions.
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Monumental Women with Torcheres Sculptures
Monumental Women with Torcheres Sculptures
List Price: $38,500.00
Your Price: $29,900.00
You Save: $8,600.00 (22 %)
Monumental Women with Torcheres Sculptures
Set a pair of these monumental sculptures by a driveway or entrance to a pool or garden. Bronze.
Roman Centurion with Vinewood Staff
Roman Centurion with Vinewood Staff
List Price: $75,000.00
Your Price: $48,500.00
You Save: $26,500.00 (35 %)
Roman Centurion with Vinewood Staff
A Roman Centurion directs with his vinewood staff and establishes his control. Bronze sculpture.
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Using Bronze Sculptures for Luxury Homes

Project Designers and architect firms primarily landscape architects should know that bronze is the most preferred of all the metal sculptures. Although it can be expensive, it is a metal that captures the finest details possible thereby rendering the bronze sculpture many times, the center of attraction. It is also the most widely used traditional alloy that is often employed in designing landscaping solutions for many luxury and estate homes. Imagine the sight of a bronze estate fountain gracing the courtyard or the driveway of a luxury home. It simply sets the focal point and character of the landscape allowing the guests to zero in on the gentle curves and visual effect that the fountain sets off against the larger landscape of the house and garden.

The fact is bronze sculptures will patina beautifully over the years leaving the sculpture with an attractive finish and texture after it has been treated making the sculptures suitable for long term use. Bronze has also been highly tested throughout the centuries and found to last. This is so because of all the metals, bronze has been found to withstand the elements and does not rust. Many archaeological finds have revealed that bronze sculptures still retain their finest details and characteristics making it also possible for archaeologists to deduce not only the age of the sculpture as it was used but to comfortably determine the lifestyles of the people who created the ancient bronze sculptures. Hence, bronze is a wonderful metal to consider when planning the landscaping for your garden because it renders the sculpture the necessary features which make it so versatile and beautiful for use. It is also a good investment you can make for a sculpture that lasts for a lifetime.

Project designers and architectural firms looking to invest in bronze sculptures should know the artistic impact that bronze sculptures will make to a landscape and surrounding. Look around and you will realize that most of the intricate features of a sculpture are usually revealed through the use of bronze sculptures. It isn’t surprising why some of the most famous of sculptors of all times used bronze when creating their works. These include such sculptors as Renaissance sculptor Donatello (David), Benvenuto Cellini (Perseus with the Head of Medusa), Giambologna (Mercury and The Rape of the Sabine Women) and Auguste Rodin (The Thinker). Hence, bronze sculptures deliver the look and usually make a good fit for any project such as a shopping mall, a park or a government institution like a library or school. While stainless steel sculptures are a modern consideration, it is still too heavy to consider for long term use because it can get bulky. Stainless steel sculptures also take a much longer effort to create and are not easy when it comes to finishing the product. However, bronze which contains copper and tin aggregates, can capture the features of any sculpture whether it is a small sculpture or a very large sculpture that measures several inches in height because of its high tensile strength. It is also a very strong metal to use when developing your sculpture and the reason why the ancients used it when manufacturing weapons.

If your client can afford the cost, bronze sculptures would make enduring sculptures that last a lifetime. Because of the nature of the metal and the way it creates impressions on people, you can define any type of sculpture using bronze and as such, there are so many classical reproductions which can be made possible with bronze. Also, a number of children sculptures become beautiful considerations for any venture that seeks their use in parks, museums, shopping malls and estate homes. Bronze sculptures will always make lasting considerations for any project at home, in the garden or for any commercial setting, and can be conceived in any form or size from scenic sculptures to animals to the human figure. Please email us if you have any questions about our bronze sculptures and collection.

C. Keller

16 February 2017

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