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Curious Cat Statue

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Curious Cat Statue
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Concrete Finishes*
Our young cat statue appears to be distracted. He is shown here completely curious. Made of cast stone and concrete aggregates.

Dimensions: 11"H

Please allow 1-2 weeks for order to ship. Order will ship in 3-4 days if in stock.

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Cat Fun Facts

Cats display a number of postures and movement to communicate the way they think and behave. They also engage in a lot of visual cues using their eyes, ears, mouths and tails to tell how they feel. You might see a cat arch its back for instance or adopt a sideward posture to communicate itself. Sometimes, it does this to protect itself. The way one watches a cat is by observing all these movements because it is the best way of one gauging the way a cat thinks and feels about you and the environment around it.

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