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Door Stops and Door Wedges

Our decorative door stops and door wedges include delightful animal door stops and door wedges such with the wolf, turtle, cat, dog and bear themes. Each decorative doorstop is artistically hand finished. The result is quality doorstops that make an impression while serving a function. Doorstops need not be boring and can include neat themes that communicate an interest from the home dweller. Our cast iron doorstops make inviting gift ideas for friends and family or if you are looking for a small doorstop, then our door wedges may be a suggestion.
Animal Door Stops and Door Wedges
Explore animal door stops and door wedges including cast iron door stops like our dog, cat and rooster doorstops.
Cast Iron Door Stops and Door Wedges
Features heavy cast iron door stops which are large and durable as well as door wedges which come with unique themes.
Coastal and Sea Themed Doorstops
Our coastal and sea themed door stops feature unique doorstops that invite the look of the sea.
Decorative Door Stops
Our decorative door stops supplements the fall theme with the pine cone door stops, the fleur de lis theme and scroll designs.
Cast Iron and Wooden Door Wedges
Our door wedges highlight cast iron door wedges like our popular fleur de lis door wedges and wooden door wedges with unique animal themes.
Farm Country Door Stops
Everything to do with the American farm country from colorful rooster doorstops to cow door stops to hold your door.

Add Character with Doorstops that Serve You Well

Doorstops can be infectious. When termed “infectious”, the general meaning is that people have succumbed to buying doorstops as a part of the household accessories. Walk into a home and you will realize that a doorstop is now a part of the every look of the home. Many people choose to purchase doorstops as a way of expressing their penchant with an animal such as a fish or a rooster, a theme such as the fleur de lis or country cottage décor or simply for functional reasons such as holding the door while getting the groceries through.

Look around and you will find so many kinds of door stops available in the marketplace and they come in all colors, sizes and shapes to match your interest. They offer not only character but beauty and function for your home décor projects. They are also made of many material types such as brass to aluminum and even sturdy cast iron solutions. Many American homeowners shop for doorstops and have steered away from finding just a solution but one which will meet their tastes and interests. Some may invest in animal doorstops to associate themselves with a pet or with their closeness to nature. For instance, a bulldog lover might be interested to purchase a bulldog door stop or one that shows a dog theme, while a fishing enthusiast may choose to purchase a fish doorstop to associate with his or her interest in fishing as a sport. For those who choose to match with their country or farm décor theme, a rooster or pig door stop might strike an interest while nautical doorstops reveal unique alternatives such as a starfish door stop or a knot door stop. For those who prefer something small, you might consider purchasing a door wedge instead that holds your stop where you want it to stay. Even door wedges come created pretty and are themed to suit your taste.

The fact is all of us love doorstops. They not only serve a function but they add character to a home and the truth is doorstops also make neat gift ideas. Why not invest in a doorstop or an animal themed door wedge as a way of holding your doors to let the breeze or the groceries in or for simply sending a thoughtful gift idea to a friend or family member you care about? With the growing number of door stops available, there are so many choices and ideas you can make and invest in to create a theme or for simply handing them as gifts during the holiday or Christmas season.

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