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Elephant Statues, Sculptures and Figurines

Our elephant statues catalog celebrates these gentle giants with a fine range of elephant figurines and unique elephant statues that incorporate the importance of the family unit. Discover also a selection of bronze elephant statues and sculptures for the garden landscape.

Elephants are celebrated all across the world, east and west and many cultures attribute the upturned trunk of an elephant to signify blessings and good fortune. Our bronze elephant statues and elephant figurines are destined to create interest and good fortune and we hope you will enjoy them. Our bronze elephant statues celebrate the beautiful elephant which is known to be the largest land mamma in the world. The elephant is known to be found in Asia and Africa and has three species - the Asian elephant, the African bush elephant and the African forest elephant. Our bronze elephant statues champion the beauty of the elephant and come beautifully detailed and crafted to make an impression. Distinctive features of the elephant include its long trunk, its tusks and large ear flaps. The elephant also has large legs which are powerful but has a tough but sensitive skin. As a tribute to elephants, we have featured many tabletop elephant statues showing their widely popular characteristics. Some statues feature the elephant with trunk upturned as if to bestow a blessing. Other elephant statues show the elephant in a playful mode. We even have a large bronze elephant sculpture of a family of elephants trekking through the wild. For those who are interested in elephant table base sculptures, our catalog highlights two elephant table bases which will hold your glass top valiantly.
Elephant statues are interesting additions to add to the home or garden, and will surely add years of glory to the home owner. Our life size elephant sculpture will surely add years of happiness to a park or zoo and highlights a bronze elephant statue. When shopping our elephant statues catalog, you will notice that there are many varieties of bronze elephant statues you could choose from. Select the elephant statue that meets your interests, and celebrate the wildlife with these fine animal statues. Elephant statues bring luck to the home owner and highlight strength, perserverance and adaptability. It is little wonder why the elephant intrigues us and people usually invest in elephant statues as a way of marking prosperity with these animals. Visit our elephant gifts catalog for elephant bookends and other elephant themed gifts and elephant sculptures.
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Life Size Bronze Elephant Sculpture
Bronze Wild Elephant Sculpture - Walking
Your Price: Please Email for Availability
Bronze Wild Elephant Sculpture - Walking
Displaying formidable strength, our walking elephant sculpture is an excellent addition for a zoo or museum or public ground that celebrates the beauty of wildlife. Bronze.
Happy Elephant Figurine and Card Holder
Happy Elephant Figurine and Card Holder
List Price: $90.00
Your Price: $66.00
You Save: $24.00 (27 %)
Happy Elephant Figurine and Card Holder
An elephant beckons forth a little tray to hold your business cards. Brass.
Elephant Shelf Sitters
Elephant Shelf Sitters Set
List Price: $88.00
Your Price: $69.50
You Save: $18.50 (21 %)
Elephant Shelf Sitters Set
Our realistic looking elephant figurines with upturned trunk are designed to be used as shelf sitters for a wild life decorative effect. Resin.
Royal Elephant with Raised Trunk
Royal Elephant with Raised Trunk
List Price: $105.95
Your Price: $75.00
You Save: $30.95 (29 %)
Royal Elephant with Raised Trunk
A young elephant majestically raises its trunk to bestow blessings in this sculpture made of resin.
Wally the Sitting Elephant Statue
Wally the Sitting Elephant Statue
List Price: $105.00
Your Price: $79.95
You Save: $25.05 (24 %)
Wally the Sitting Elephant Statue
Wally the elephant is a charmer. He is made of concrete and comes in several finishes.
Colorful Elephant Bookends
Royal Elephant Bookends
List Price: $110.00
Your Price: $89.50
You Save: $20.50 (19 %)
Royal Elephant Bookends
Add our set of charming elephant bookends for color to a shelf or a desk. Resin.
Mythical Thai Elephant Sculpture
Mythical Thai Elephant Sculpture
List Price: $139.50
Your Price: $115.00
You Save: $24.50 (18 %)
Mythical Thai Elephant Sculpture
The Thais revere their elephant and oftentimes dress them in culturally accepted motifs. Bronze.
Brass Walking Elephant Sculpture
List Price: $187.50
Your Price: $139.95
You Save: $47.55 (25 %)
Brass Walking Elephant Sculpture
The Brass Elephant Sculpture is created in a realistic posture. An impressive gifting idea. Brass.
Mother and Baby Elephant Sculpture
Mother and Baby Elephant Sculpture
List Price: $209.00
Your Price: $149.00
You Save: $60.00 (29 %)
Mother and Baby Elephant Sculpture
An inviting sculpture of a mother and her baby elephant. For indoor use. Brass.
Bronze Sitting Elephant Candle Holder - Small
Sitting Elephant Candle Holder - Small
List Price: $260.00
Your Price: $199.50
You Save: $60.50 (23 %)
Sitting Elephant Candle Holder - Small
Set a salute to the table with our bronze elephant candle holder balancing a flower on its trunk. Bronze.
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Elephant Facts: The Asian and African Elephant Population

Elephants which have a lifespan of about 50 years are the largest land mammal on earth and are known to love long wide spaces to roam. They will live in almost any habitat where there is plentiful of water and food. Look at any elephant and the first thing that comes to you would be the size of its trunk. This is really its nose and with that, you would notice the large floppy ears and wide thick legs. Once common throughout the continents of Asia and Africa, the elephant populations are slowly dwindling in size. Their numbers fell dramatically because of threats resulting from poachers looking to kill them for their ivory tusks and also due to habitat loss caused by human encroachment. There are about 400,000 elephants which live on our planet today and their numbers are falling.

There are two species of elephants. The larger of the two is the African elephant which weighs about 6 tonnes while the Asian origins are said to weigh about 5 tonnes. According to the San Diego Zoo, the largest elephant ever recorded was an African elephant weighing about 24,000 lbs and measuring about 13 feet in length. African elephants also grow to about 8-13 feet from shoulder to toe while their Asian counterparts average about 6.5-10 feet. In Africa, the elephant can be found in the sub-Saharan region, the rain forests of Central and West Africa and in the desert of Mali. In Asia, the elephant lives in Nepal, India and parts of Southeast Asia such as Thailand and Indonesia.

A number of conservation groups like the World Wide Fund (WWF) and the National Geographic are making considerable efforts to protect the elephant population through educational programs, and other efforts aimed at lowering their extinction such as collaborating with the authorities to prevent poaching and finding ways to reduce their habitat loss.

Here are some facts about elephants:

  1. Elephants are herbivores and consume grass, roots, fruit and bark up to 300 pounds a day. Their tusks which are made of solid ivory and prized by poachers which then sell them on the black market for a lot of money, are used to pull the bark off the trees. They also use the tusks to dig roots out of the ground to eat. Sometimes, in dry conditions, the elephant will use its tusks to dig out water from the ground which it might share with other elephants.
  2. Elephants live in a group called a herd which is held together by a female elephant called a matriarch who coaches and guides young baby elephants on the rules of the herd. She is deemed to be the oldest female in the herd. The male elephants on the other hand, leave the herd while young at about 14 years of age and are free to roam on their own in isolation.
  3. A female elephant is called a “cow” while a male elephant is called a “bull”. A baby elephant is called a “calf” A pregnant elephant will face about 22 months of gestation. When her baby is born, it will weigh about 200 lbs and stand about 3 feet. Baby elephants will gain about 3 lbs everyday until its first birthday.
  4. The elephant has a characteristic ear. African elephants are known to have very large ears which when stretched out, are shaped like the continent they live on. Asian elephants on the other hand, have smaller ears which are rounded on top and flat on the bottom.
  5. The elephant uses its massive trunks to communicate with another elephant. When an elephant meets, it expects the other elephant to extend its trunk out as a show of greeting. The elephant also uses its trunk to bathe. It would suck in water using its trunk and then blow on its back like a misty shower. The trunk is said to contain about 100,000 muscles according to National Geographic.

Elephants are one of the most intelligent mammals on this planet and are necessary in our ecosystem. When they eat, they create gaps which allow new plants to grow in its place. They also help with seed dispersal enabling trees, bushes and grass to grow in other areas since their dung is rich in seed content. Wherever they deposit, vegetation growth begins.

The biggest threat to the elephant habitat comes from humans. While they once lived in large numbers, their population is slowing falling because of poaching and human encroachment. It is said that in both Asia and Africa, reports of conflicts between man and elephant is told almost everyday. In Africa, elephants sometimes face drought and this can affect their population growth. One of the ways we can support their growth patterns is to stop demanding ivory and have more agreements like CITES to protect the African elephant population and punish poachers who refuse to follow the law. It is also important to educate the public to understand that the threats facing the elephant population are real and that they need to be protected.

While elephant face the threat from human kind, conservationists have been educating the public about the need to protect the wildlife and one of them includes the mighty elephant. Because of our interest and cultural respect for the elephant, many of us treasure their forms in our households using statues and sculptures of elephants and even elephant bookends to add to the character of our garden landscape. Some organizations also adorn bronze life size sculptures of elephants to tell their story. Please email us for more information on our elephant sculptures.


C. Keller

5 February 2017

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