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Elephant with Trunk Showing Up

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Elephant with Raised Trunk Statue
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Item Number: 33992
It is a common belief that elephants with their trunks upturned convey luck and good fortune to those who are blessed. Our choice in such elephants includes this creative elephant statue showing an elephant with an upturned trunk made life size.
Made of bronze.

Dimensions: 78"H x 51" x 27"

Normally ships in 2-3 weeks if in stock. Up to 12-16 weeks if not in stock.

Elephant Facts

Did you know that elephants may use their trunks to communicate? When they meet together, they might expect the other elephant to extend its trunk in greeting. The trunk also has other uses and is strong enough to lift heavy objects. In Thailand, elephants use their trunks to move trees and help in the lumber business. Elephants also use their horns to signal warnings and they will trumpet their trunks to warn the herd. When they raise their trunk, it is like raising a hand to greet. They also use their trunks to take water to bathe themselves.

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