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Fighting Moose Sculpture I

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Fighting Moose Sculpture
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One of the largest members of the deer family, the moose or elk possesses leaf life antlers which are huge and which it uses to make territorial assertions. Here, our tabletop bronze sculpture of two mooses adds a wonderful statement for a rustic decor.
Bronze on marble base.

Dimensions: 10"H x 31"W x 9"D
We will match and do better on any in-stock or custom bronze sculpture. Email us.

Normally ships in 1-2 weeks.

Moose Facts

Never look at a moose in the eye. They simply dislike or better said, hate that! Male moose called bulls can get very territorial and irritable during the rut and will consider the staring as a challenge to them. Because they are so aggressive during the mating season, the least you want to do is bother them in the months of September to October when they are busy inviting females to mate with them. Another thing you should avoid is to stomp your feet in front of them as all those are signs of aggression to the moose. Think about it - the least you really need is to have a moose charge at you at the rate of 35 mph!

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