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Garden fountains are a wonderful way of adding positive energy to the home and come in many forms and materials to suit your taste. The idea of adding a water feature has been an ancient practice which continues till this day. Consider a water feature for the garden and invest in one which will add years of service to your home. Tier fountains will add a statement for the courtyards while water fountains can also be added to the garden or patio so the family can appreciate its calming effect. Our grand estate fountains will do well in large outdoor gardens, parks and any courtyard where there's space to accommodate them. We have dozens of large scale tiered fountains and large outdoor fountains for the park and garden. Visit our bronze fountain gallery for neat selections of our estate sized fountains and regular garden fountains.
Modern and Contemporary Fountains
Features fountains with a modern and contemporary twist.
Fountain Statues and Statuary
Features small to large pond spitters and fountain statuary for your fountain and water features.
Garden Fountains
Create an oasis with garden fountains that communicate your style; explore unique outdoor fountains and large water fountains that set a theme for the garden or courtyard.
Luxury and Grand Estate Fountains
Highlights an amazing range of grand estate fountains for luxury homes, parks and hotels...
Indoor and Tabletop Fountains
Explore raku fountains, desktop fountains and tabletop fountains for the home or office.
Wall Fountains
Discover wall fountains including fiberglass resin and bronze wall fountains for the courtyard and garden.

Water Features Add Character and Aura to the Garden Landscape

Water features have always been a part of the garden landscape since ancient times with the Italians mastering the art since the sixteenth century and then transferring the knowledge to the rest of the European world. While most of us may not be able to afford the grand water features of most estate homes, a number of us would welcome water features to our garden landscape by introducing at least a small pond, a pool or a fountain as a welcoming feature in the garden. When designing your pond or pool based on your budget and taste, you might consider free-form or geometric, formal or informal, naturalistic or stylized pond settings.

The fact is we decorate our water gardens in ways that appeal to us and some of us will indulge in beautifying the garden pond or fountain by setting up statuaries that add a character to the landscape such as koi and dolphin spitters for a touch of the whimsical. Or we might adorn with sculptures featuring the classical Rebecca at the well fountain statues. Think of a large reflecting pool filled with your favorite water lilies and you know it is not complete without topping it with a fountain and sculpture to add interest and a focal point.

Water gardens add a soothing element to the garden landscape by cooling and humidifying the air around it and creating a suitable microclimate for plants looking to take a break from a heating spell. There is something breathtaking about seeing and hearing water movements in the garden. Whether it is still or moving, water tends to soothe the soul and refresh the spirit. Seeing a pond so still with the serene beauty around it only makes us want to spend more time in the garden. The allure of water is so intense that some of us who are constrained for space will still find ways to make a small water garden happen. For instance, you can build a fountain and mount it on a wall or fence. If you have an enclosed courtyard, you might consider a tiered fountain to set up a focal point in the location.

If space permits, some of us may indulge in adding waterfalls to our garden. Waterfalls created a magical interest in the garden. Somehow, the sound of falling water carries with it musical sounds which are simply enchanting to hear. The sound coupled with the sight of the water catching the sun’s rays is both romantic and calming to the ears and our eyes. You can create waterfalls such that it trickles down and around stones or cascades over a smooth rock edge. The other possibility of adding a water effect would come through the use of fountains. The availability of fountainheads in the marketplace enables for the flow of water in many ways including single sprays, multi-tiered sprays, fanned fishtails etc. All this adds to a visual effect with each type of spray generating a unique sound. Some homeowners may also invest in tub gardens where a large tub or containers can be used to create a raised pond effect.

Water features are a wonderful way of adding character to the garden landscape. With the number of fountain statues and pond spitter statues available, you can do so much adding sculpture to create an ornamental effect for your garden landscape. The net result would be a garden that allows you to retreat and relax after a hectic day’s work.

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