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Our fountain statues create an ornamental interest for your fountains with unique fountain sculptures that add a fun and classy touch to the garden. Whether you are seeking conventional pond spitters like our dolphin spitter or classic fountain sculptures that add a creative interest to the fountain, we have several that add some cute and oftentimes, delightful addition for your fountains.
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Large Koi with Children Fountain Statue
Large Koi with Children Fountain Statue
List Price: $22,998.00
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Large Koi with Children Fountain Statue
A large Koi is surrounded by eager cherubs who want to contain the strength of this immense fish. Bronze sculpture.
Monumental Duck Fountain Sculpture in Bronze
Monumental Duck Fountain Sculpture in Bronze
List Price: $26,998.00
Your Price: $18,500.00
You Save: $8,498.00 (31 %)
Monumental Duck Fountain Sculpture in Bronze
Five ducks make up the look of this large duck fountain statue for the pond or pool. Bronze.
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Adding Fountain Statues and Sculptures to your Water Garden

Water gardens are a wonderful way of adding character and a pleasing view in your garden. They offer a peaceful retreat for the homeowner and the family after a hard day’s work. There is something so magical and serene about hearing the sound of water and to see a pond or pool only ignites pleasure that touches the soul. Since ancient times, gardeners have been preoccupied with creating a water oasis for the garden experimenting with waterfalls and fountains in all manners of designs and forms. The Persians were known for creating elaborate water gardens while Europeans like the Italians experimented with creating phenomenal water gardens since the sixteenth century which was then followed by the rest of their European counterparts.

Most of us may not have the financial means to afford the grand water gardens of high end estate homes and those that you might see in botanical gardens with their fantail sprays of waters. However, that does not mean that you cannot plan for a simple fountain or pond in your garden. Some home owners even invest in a water tub garden just to enjoy the chance of experimenting with a little pond created in a tub. A large tub or container has the potential to be a raised pond and you can plant umbrella plants and water lilies while holding some fishes as well.

And so, the truth is the garden is never complete without a water feature of some kind. There is something calming about just looking at a garden that has water in it. It is such a wonderful experience looking and peering at your reflection in the water and enjoying the reflection of the sun’s rays against the water. What most homeowners have been doing is to find ways to adorn their pool or pond to reflect a more whimsical or classical charm. Once you have a design for your water garden, you might want to invest in decorative spitters which may whimsically tie in some of your other accents in the garden into a more appreciative manner. However, select a theme for the garden. Those looking towards a more coastal decorative theme, might choose a dolphin spitter for the pond or crane statues like our fountain crane spitters. Then there are fairy fountains that add a magical nostalgic theme welcoming the world of magic into your garden and whimsical frog fountain statuary that add a fun filled theme.

Our garden statuary fountains and pond statues might be just the finishing touches you need for your fountain and pond or even pool after you have installed your water garden. Creating a water garden is a wonderful way of adding character to your garden. If you can afford the treat, supplementing your garden fountain and pond with a spitter will surely ignite a fancy to the garden especially with the kinds of sculptures available in color and creative themes. Of course, there are the traditional fountainheads you can use to inject a variant in the manner the water sprays out of your pond but some homeowners enjoy the treat of a sculpture resting by the water feature and along with that are choices of fountain statues for adding further appeal to your charming water oasis.

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