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Fox Statues, Figurines and Sculptures

One of the largest of the true foxes, the red fox is considered one of the most widely distributed members of the order Carnivora. They are found all across the world and noted to be present across the entire Northern Hemisphere and found in North Africa, North America and Eurasia. They are noted to be species which are considered to be invasive and found to live alongside the human population rather well. The fox has ignited much interrest in our lives and is mentioned in many fables and folklore. Our line of bronze fox statues celebrate this wily animal known to exist all across the world in all areas except the Antartica. Our fox statues come beautifully detailed to make an impression for the tabletop or garden, and highlights the fox in its typical poses. While the fox is known to exist close to humankind, it is believed they can exist far longer than foxes which do not live close to man. It is no wonder that man has adapted the fox as their mascot and so, several organizations have adopted the fox as its mascot like Fox Weather for instance. Our line of fox statues include bronze fox statues that show the speed and movement of the red fox. We have a bronze fox sculpture of a red fox running and a sitting red fox sculpture that is sure to add interest to your garden. Our bronze red fox statues are detailed and some reflect a patina finish that is attractive.
Celebrate with bronze fox sculptures that add character and depth to your home or garden. The fox is seen as a cunning animal and a menace to poultry and farm animals but to many people, the fox is often celebrated for its adaptability and persistence as well as strength. Our fox statues and sculptures capture the resilience and will add many years of happiness to a garden or home.

Our fox statues and figurines celebrate the wily fox represented in many stories including the famous Aesop fables and a symbolic denomination in many cultures. Discover bronze fox statues and sculptures including garden fox statues and realistic fox figurines which make fine fox gifts for the wildlife lover! We even have a selection of bronze fox sculptures which includes the Red Fox.
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Concrete Fox Statue
Concrete Fox Statue
List Price: $169.50
Your Price: $125.00
You Save: $44.50 (26 %)
Concrete Fox Statue
Our artists captures the fox statue in a sitting pose. Made of concrete and comes in other finishes.
Fox Golfer Statue
Fox Golfer Statue
List Price: $210.00
Your Price: $139.95
You Save: $70.05 (33 %)
Fox Golfer Statue
Our fox shows an interest for a game of golf coupled with a knack for cunning and wit. Resin.
Garden Fox Statue
Garden Fox Statue II
List Price: $216.00
Your Price: $184.50
You Save: $31.50 (15 %)
Garden Fox Statue II
Our garden fox statue appears to be a stealthy wildlife statue who will do nicely in the garden. Resin with marble aggregates.
Red Fox Statue
Red Fox Statue
List Price: $269.50
Your Price: $210.00
You Save: $59.50 (22 %)
Red Fox Statue
One of the most popular, the red fox comes in a beautiful finish as shown and with realistic appeal. Resin.
Attentive Fox on Base
Attentive Fox on Base
List Price: $1,595.00
Your Price: $1,029.50
You Save: $565.50 (35 %)
Attentive Fox on Base
The wily fox is shown here in a lovely detail as he appears to be fixated on something near. Bronze on marble.
Wily Fox Sculpture
Wily Fox Sculpture - Bronze
List Price: $1,695.00
Your Price: $1,055.00
You Save: $640.00 (38 %)
Wily Fox Sculpture - Bronze
With ears perked up, our fox appears to be attentive and curious. Bronze.
Sitting Red Fox
Bronze Sitting Red Fox Sculpture
List Price: $1,798.00
Your Price: $1,095.00
You Save: $703.00 (39 %)
Bronze Sitting Red Fox Sculpture
The wily red fox sits still in this amazing sculpture created from bronze. Hand finished.
Standing Fox
Standing Fox Sculpture
List Price: $1,850.00
Your Price: $1,298.00
You Save: $552.00 (30 %)
Standing Fox Sculpture
Standing tall and elegant, our red fox statue surveys the valley ahead. Bronze. Realistic color.
Speed of a Fox Sculpture
Speed of a Fox - Bronze Sculpture
List Price: $7,950.00
Your Price: $5,250.00
You Save: $2,700.00 (34 %)
Speed of a Fox - Bronze Sculpture
Created from bronze, this lovely sculpture of wildlife's beauties highlights the fox racing through the wilderness. Bronze.
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