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The popularity of Chef inspired gifts has resulted in the introduction of our unique French Chef statues catalog for the home and restaurant decor. Our French chef catalog promises an intriguing collection of chef collectibles from waiter and chef statues, small and large for the kitchen, to chef decor themed gifts like our French Chef chalkboards. Our adorable pig statue holding out the chef chalkboard is of course a lovely addition for a restaurant and bar decor, as would be our chef wine bottle holders.
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French Chef Chalkboard
French Chef Chalkboard
List Price: $210.00
Your Price: $164.95
You Save: $45.05 (21 %)
French Chef Chalkboard
Hang our tall chalkboard in the kitchen or restaurant to highlight the chef theme.
Tall Chef Wine Bottle Holder Statue
Tall Chef Wine Bottle Holder Statue
List Price: $225.00
Your Price: $179.95
You Save: $45.05 (20 %)
Tall Chef Wine Bottle Holder Statue
Standing tall and friendly, our large chef statue holds to his heart a place for anchoring your two wine bottles. Resin.
Large Chef with Chalkboard
Large Wine Waiter with Chalkboard
List Price: $469.50
Your Price: $359.00
You Save: $110.50 (24 %)
Large Wine Waiter with Chalkboard
Standing tall and friendly, our chef statue holds out a chalkboard and a tray. Resin.
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Chef Decorations for the Kitchen

If you are someone who enjoys decorating the kitchen, you might consider splashing some look about it. One is your intent to communicate your character, that is, the way you perceive your kitchen should work for you. The other is to find a comfortable theme and niche that delivers warmth and a personality which your guests would take to easily. It could involve warm colors and a thoughtful kitchen design that allows your guests to appreciate its presence as you entertain them.

Decorating the kitchen might find you experimenting with many choices and themes, but one in particular has created much interest over the years and that includes the chef theme. So many of us find chef decorations for the kitchen an attractive thematic consideration. After all, you are the boss of your own kitchen and the chef who plans it all for the family. You will decide the menu and the dishes in your own little space and you will be the creator of the signature dishes that will please your family. The chef is the boss of the kitchen and that will also explain your penchant and desire to create dishes to please your friends and family.

The chef theme is also the prevailing design sought by many restaurants and even hotels across the country. As you walk by restaurants, you might see a big chef chalkboards that explains some of the favorite dishes that might have you coming back for more. You walk inside and you’ll notice more chef and waiter themed statues, one in particular may be standing by the cash register beckoning you to come forth and discover the wares the restaurant may offer. Clearly, the French chef décor theme adds an interesting concept because it shows the pleasing personality of either a French waiter or a chef who is eager to wait on you. Usually depicted in black and white colors, the chef appeal presents a neat choice to blend in with the overall design of the place.

Some of us may enjoy displaying large menu boards with a chef’s face. Others may enjoy projecting a chef holding a chalkboard while others may yet display small chef statues designed to hold wine bottles. There are just so many opportunities available with using chef statues and figurines to communicate your style in the kitchen and restaurants. It is also a nice feeling to look at something and understand the meaning it is designed to tell. When I look at chef statues in a kitchen, I sense the friendliness the place represents and I want to make myself comfortable in that space so I can happily try some of the dishes that are promised to me.

You can incorporate many chef theme kitchen accessories of all kinds. There are just so many that may please your eye from chef wine bottle holders to chef statues designed to hold small and large chalkboards. If space is an issue, you can try incorporating small chef figurines holding a tray for some character. Whatever the type that pleases you, having one or more of these unique statues can surely add some color and character to the kitchen. They also make neat gifts for a birthday, on Mother’s Day and certainly for Christmas.

If you need more information about our French chef décor selections, email us and we will answer you as soon as possible.

C. Keller

7 January 2017

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