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Frog Pond Statue with Hose

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Frog Pond Statue with Hose
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Perhaps the only thing that is going to take for two frogs to hold up this hose to send a stream of water out, is pure comradeship and these two brother frogs are displaying every bit of that hard work together!
Our whimsical garden fountain spitter sculpture surely adds an air of friendliness to the pond or garden pool.

Dimensions: 17"H x 17" x 8"

Normally ships in 1-2 weeks.

Frog Facts

Can frogs see while under water? Yes, frogs are able to look around while in water because they have a third eye lid which covers their eyes and allows them to keep their eyes open while in water. The eyelid is called a nictitating membrane and keeps the eyes moist when they are not in water. However, it is said that the membrane may not allow the frog to have the same 360 degrees eyesight it would have while on land. Hence, the frog may have to rely on its sense of smell while in water.

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