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Walking Bear Planter

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Walking Bear Planter
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Add charm with this rustic bear planter statue for a den or the garden showing a walking bear caught in its prowls. On its back is a little basket which can be used to hold fruits as shown or it can act as a small whimsical planter for the yard.

Dimensions: 16"H x 11" x 7"

Normally ships in 1-2 weeks.

Bear Facts

Bears which live in the Northern Hemisphere usually hibernate during the cold season. During this time, they can go without food for long periods of time as their heart rate and metabolic rate slow down. Blood flow to skeletal muscles will sometimes reduce by half. When hibernating, the bear will not eat, drink or urinate; in fact, the animal will breathe once every 45 seconds! The brown and black bear for instance can live without food for as many as 4-6 months during hibernation using the stored fat they accumulated during summer and fall to live off.

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