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Garden benches add an aesthetic presence to the garden. A soothing place for one to share a conversation, enjoy a quiet read or simply to enjoy a private time to oneself hearing the sounds of nature. Our range of garden benches include high quality fiberglass resin garden benches as well as concrete garden benches. The range we introduce are suitable for use at home in the garden, for adding a serene look to the school parks or as hall benches, or for setting a composed addition to a cemetery or landscaping park.
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Resting Horse Bench
Resting Horse Bench
List Price: $10,998.00
Your Price: $7,250.00
You Save: $3,748.00 (34 %)
Resting Horse Bench
This beautiful garden bench comes with character and makes a perfect fit for the equestrian lover. Bronze.
2 Angel Garden Bench
2 Angel Garden Bronze Bench
List Price: $10,995.00
Your Price: $7,390.00
You Save: $3,605.00 (33 %)
2 Angel Garden Bronze Bench
This classical garden bench highlights two angels holding an urn of fruit. Bronze. Suitable for estate gardens.
Virginia's Bronze Bench with Backrest
Virginia's Bronze Bench with Backrest
List Price: $11,885.00
Your Price: $7,480.00
You Save: $4,405.00 (37 %)
Virginia's Bronze Bench with Backrest
Bronze benches are designed to last all year round and make good additions for the garden or park. Bronze.
Royal Wildlife Garden Bench
Royal Wildlife Garden Bench
List Price: $11,995.00
Your Price: $7,998.00
You Save: $3,997.00 (33 %)
Royal Wildlife Garden Bench
This garden bench highlights two large parrots and the designs of wildlife elephants. Bronze sculpture.
Rose and Medallion Marble Bench
Rose and Medallion Marble Bench
List Price: $13,695.00
Your Price: $8,998.00
You Save: $4,697.00 (34 %)
Rose and Medallion Marble Bench
This beautifully detailed solid marble bench comes ready to make a statement in the garden or the courtyard. Marble.
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Choose Outdoor Benches which Work for Your Garden

Surely, no garden is complete without a bench. In fact, benches add to the comfort of your garden, allowing you to spend time to dream and relax against a more natural open space that includes your healthy plants and shrubs. Without a place to stop by and sit, you will sometimes lose the precious moments which come from enjoying your garden landscape and the way it works for you. We all know the garden is a place of refuge – a source for relaxing and feeling good about oneself. It is a retreat, a place where we gather our emotional strengths and our thoughts after spending a hard day at work and living the hectic world we sometimes get so easily caught up with. As such, when we relax in the garden, it helps us to appreciate the finer moments of life with our plants and trees, allowing us to breathe in the natural fresh air and to feel somewhat holistic with nature.

Thus, when we garden to create that haven, we want to be able to also enjoy the richness of what it offers us. As such, all this makes it so necessary to find a niche that allows us to sit and enjoy that feeling. That’s where benches come in because without them, we will not be able to make the garden work the way it was designed for us as a source of a healthy and restorative retreat. We would enter and leave it so quickly losing all the natural and healing benefits it stood to give us from the very beginning. Imagine not listening to the birds fly into your garden or to appreciate the scent of your plants and herbs you worked so hard to create? It simply defeats the purpose of having a garden!

Garden benches, sometimes called outdoor benches, can give you the chance to view your surroundings all year long. It should stay dry all year if possible and be set up on a stable ground so that you can relax on it for long hours where needed to recoup from the busy world. It is a must do option you should take so you can benefit from the attractive landscaping ideas that you worked so hard to make happen for your garden. Use your garden bench under the trees or near a pond or pool to create a focal point in your garden.

Here are the types of garden benches you may consider for your yard:

Deck and Patio Benches

Some customers may choose 2-seater or 3-seater garden benches which suit their purpose or they could choose a long bench that accommodates may people at one time. Primarily, these benches should be built for comfort and allow enough for leg room while defining your outdoor room space. They should also provide for an aesthetic appeal.

Lawn and Garden Benches

These are as their name directs and are usually made of cast stone, metal or even granite. Some customers like to invest in metal benches preferring cast aluminum options or even bronze benches which add character to the garden landscape. You can also add backless benches as simple but pleasing solutions for your garden design.

Memorial Benches

Take a walk through the church yard and cemetery and you will find benches which allow you to reminisce and meditate about the world around you. These benches also make fine memorial benches for a garden designed to celebrate the one who has moved on. Most memorial benches are usually made of granite for long term use but you can also use a marble memorial bench when designing your garden to mark the memory of a loved on.

Park Benches

When it comes to using park benches, the first thing that strikes your mind is the ability to use it with comfort. Park benches can be utilitarian and provide for seating comfort. They also should be strong and durable because of having to accommodate the weather all year round and be able to take as many uses as possible. You will find park benches in busy commercial centers like amusement parks, zoos, shopping malls, schools, libraries and government grounds.

In all, benches should serve a purpose. At the same time, they should be able to add to the scenic value of a landscape and be a part of it as well. It should also be a reason for you to spend more time in the location. Well placed benches in a garden landscape not only add character but they can zero in on the focal points in your garden landscape allowing your guests to appreciate the surroundings and pointing to them the paths to take and appreciate your garden more. Sometimes, placing a bench close to your garden beds allows the colors and blooms to make your stay in the garden more livable and soothing.

If you are looking for garden and lawn benches that add value and color, you have come to the right place because we also offer bronze benches for those who appreciate the look of bronze for the garden. Please email us for more information.


C. Keller

16 February 2017

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