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Garden Planters, Urns and Bowl Planters

Enjoy an enriching garden experience with selections of small and large garden planters and flower pots for the home and garden with sturdy fiberglass planters and cast stone and concrete planters for planting including unique tree planters, architectural planters, commercial planters for the hotel and restaurant decor and many other outdoor garden vases too. Garden planters are excellent solutions for dressing foyers, hallways, decks and even swimming pools. Consider also a choice of shallow bowl planters and urns as options.
Whimsical Animal Planters like Bear Planters, Rabbit Planters and Bird Planters
Explore whimsical garden planters from delightful dog planters to cat planters, bird planters and bear planters for the garden or as gifts.
Bowl Planters
Our garden bowl planters offer unique opportunities to display your shallow plantings with a look that defines your interest.
Bronze Planters, Urns and Vases
Explore unique bronze planters, urns and vases including lion planters and urns, large ram planters and tabletop vases that add style, form and decorative appeal to the home or garden.
Ceramic Vases and Planters
Explore ceramic vases and planters including Tuscan vases and urns and ceramic animal planters for indoor and outdoor garden decor.
Concrete Planters
Discover concrete planters and planter boxes, pots and other stone pots that create a classic design for the garden landscape.
Flower Pots
Our choice in decorative flower pots and unique garden planters are endless with their imperial and oftentimes old classic designs that will surely make heads turn.
Garden Urns
Create a flower garden with landscaping planters including fiberglass garden urns that create an impact and a decorative statement.
Large Planters
Discover large garden planters and flower pots including large commercial planters, architectural planters for city parks and grounds.
Mediterranean Jars and Vessels
Explore Mediterranean jars and storage vessels including large olive jars and antique Spanish jars for the Mediterranean home and garden decor.
Metal Planters
Our metal planters offer unique bronze garden urns, metal flower boxes and decorative brass planters.
Wall Planters
Explore fiberglass resin wall planters and wall vases for the home or garden decor.
Whimsical Planters
Create a whimsical decor with our range of planters and other decorative planters, small and large, for the home and garden.
Window Boxes
Window Boxes or rectangular planters add to a wonderful geometric angle towards planting; our selections are designed to please from the windowbox with the clean and simple designs to classic windowboxes that add an inviting addition.

Choose the Right Pots and Planters for Container Gardening

Container gardens are meant to attract attention. Selecting the right containers and planters for your garden can be an important consideration for the gardener. Containers are designed to capture attraction - use them in areas where they have the most visual impact such as the doorway, patio and deck. Consider symmetry and repetition. A single potted arrangement may look awkward but pair it with another container planting and you would achieve visual balance! All of us have choices in terms of what we want to see as part of our landscaping design and gardening projects so here are some ideas towards finding that perfect planter for your garden. Remember to mix and match planters given their various shapes, sizes, texture and color and scale them so that they add to the character of your project.

1. Choose planters that make an overall impact in your garden.

The important element in selecting planters and containers is to find a combination that will set a focus in your garden and landscape. On its own, a planter is just another pot to "contain" your plant - against the topiary, it offers a staged setting you could use to for instance, capture a focus towards a pleasing area you want to show more. Also choose hanging planters to create an imaginative backdrop to the garden scene.

2. Choose a fair combination of sizes and shapes to complement the look of your garden.

The various shapes and sizes will create a visual interest in your garden, thereby accenting the total look of your lawn and garden landscape. As an instance, plant purple pansies or roses in four different flower pots and containers add continuity to your garden. You can also give each container its own character by planting geraniums in one pot and bright and tuberous begonias in another. Add some tall tulips and daisies to complement an informal look. And a low shallow pot and planter can provide an excellent ground for an artfully arranged herb garden.

3. Purchase flower pots and containers that have drain holes in them. 

Plants need to be continually watered in containers - always ensure that there are drain holes present to remove excess water. You can also place containers with drain holes into those larger and attractive planters that may not have drain holes in them. Balance your inner pot with some sturdy objects within the large planter.

4. Choose the grouping that you want for your plants.

Are you inclined towards symmetrical or asymmetrical groupings? Do you want your pots and containers in a symmetrical order of sizes and shapes or do you feel happy with those planters that provide a juxtaposition within your landscape?

5. Balance your pots and containers.

Find the right harmony of pots and containers you can use. Do not visually overload your garden landscape or garden design - the trick is to find the right combination that will bring out the inner beauty of your garden. Consider pots that offer drapery accents. Choose tall urns and planters for best results. You can choose to grow vinca vines and even the nastartiums offer an added solution. 

6. Choose planters that make the right impact in the intended location.

Small container plantings get lost in large areas while huge overpowering and tall planters may be too imposing in small areas. Containers and window boxes add an artistic touch to the landscape - they add color, form and texture towards the landscape and topiary around them. Choose containers that offer you to be creative with your gardening pursuits. Even boots, troughs and bath tubs can be perfect planters for the garden! Break the rules and be original with your garden - you can always bring a new and creative dimension to your garden by using pots and planters of all colors and sizes!

Garden planters obviously offer you benefits - they require less weeding and are ideal solutions for busy people who have no time to spare. However, container planting means constant watering especially in hot dry spells - always water daily. And always pot the right type of plant in the type of container that would fit its root systems. Be sure that the container offers ample soil support and water retention. 

Our pots and planters have been designed to be practical and decorative. Our pretty window boxes, garden urns and containers have been specially developed and hand crafted to withstand cold or hot weather. We offer many standard finishes for our garden planters including our unique urns and Mediterranean jars for the tropical setting. Email us if you have any questions relating to our planters and containers. 

C. Keller

4 April 2017

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