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An empty garden is an empty place without a soul. A garden is a place of refuge, a place where one spends time to relax and enjoy without feeling the drag on the fast paced life that sometimes overwhelms us with modern living. Our garden statues and sculptures highlights beautiful suggestions that create movement and function to the garden as with large garden sculptures like our bird feeders and welcome statues. Garden statuary add a considerable amount of energy and drama to your garden landscape - no garden is complete without some form of statuary. Lawn statues give breadth and depth to a garden; and harbored amidst all that greenery and floral beds, statues add towards providing a focal point and a sense of character that we can happily relate to. They can add humor, romance or even tell a story. Garden ornaments and statues can convey movement or stillness or add an element of surprise. They can serve as a contrast to the landscape and even highlight a particular area within your garden in marked detail. Our sculptures and statues are meant to surprise and draw fun sometimes whimsical appeal. Email us at for more information.
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