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Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are one of the most affectionate dogs known. Their thirst for affection and friendly demeanor make these dogs very good companion dogs for families and as guiding dogs for the blind. Our range of Golden Retrievers include a neat range of Golden Retriever statues and figurines as well as unique gifts for the Golden Retriever lovers such as bookends and small Golden Retriever figurines for the desk to remind owners about the pride of their home.
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Standing Light Golden Retriever
Standing Light Golden Retriever Figurine
List Price: $105.00
Your Price: $84.00
You Save: $21.00 (20 %)
Standing Light Golden Retriever Figurine
This sculpture features a standing Light Golden Retriever made of resin. Hand finished.
Brass Golden Retriever
Brass Golden Retriever Statue
List Price: $125.00
Your Price: $89.95
You Save: $35.05 (28 %)
Brass Golden Retriever Statue
Standing poised and tall, this brass Golden Retriever is based on an adult breed. Hand finished and detailed.
Sitting Golden Retriever Figurine
Sitting Golden Retriever Figurine
List Price: $149.50
Your Price: $101.50
You Save: $48.00 (32 %)
Sitting Golden Retriever Figurine
One of our adorable Golden Retriever figurines, this one makes a nice gift idea for the Golden Retriever lover!
Cast Iron Golden Retriever Bookends
Golden Retriever Bookends - Large
List Price: $174.50
Your Price: $138.00
You Save: $36.50 (21 %)
Golden Retriever Bookends - Large
The sense of innocence and love is apparent in this beautiful Golden Retriever bookends made of cast iron.
Little Golden Retriever Figurines - Pair
Little Golden Retriever Figurines - Pair
List Price: $250.00
Your Price: $199.95
You Save: $50.05 (20 %)
Little Golden Retriever Figurines - Pair
Our set of Golden Retriever cuties will surely add a smile for the desk or as gifts for the Golden Retriever dog lover. Bronze figurines. Sold as a set.
Large Golden Retriever Statue
Life Size Golden Retriever
List Price: $699.95
Your Price: $585.00
You Save: $114.95 (16 %)
Life Size Golden Retriever
Our large Golden Retriever sculpture carries a demeanor of friendliness. Made of resin. Hand finished.
Large Golden Retriever Puppy Sculpture
Large Golden Retriever Puppy Sculpture
List Price: $2,950.00
Your Price: $1,895.00
You Save: $1,055.00 (36 %)
Large Golden Retriever Puppy Sculpture
Our affectionate Golden Retriever statue embodies some of the amiability and social grace of these lovely animals. Bronze.
Life Size Golden Retriever - Bronze
Bronze Life Size Golden Retriever Statue
List Price: $5,998.00
Your Price: $2,998.00
You Save: $3,000.00 (50 %)
Bronze Life Size Golden Retriever Statue
Our life size Golden Retriever will certainly be a tribute that captures the friendliness demeanor of this favorite dog. Bronze.
Faithful Labrador Retriever Sculpture - Bronze
Faithful Retriever Sculpture - SOLD OUT
List Price: $4,400.00
Your Price: $3,250.00
You Save: $1,150.00 (26 %)
Faithful Retriever Sculpture - SOLD OUT
Our large Golden Retriever captures the joy and love of this friendly family dog. Bronze sculpture.
Boy's Game of Fetch with Dog
Boy's Game of Fetch with Dog
List Price: $17,250.00
Your Price: $11,885.00
You Save: $5,365.00 (31 %)
Boy's Game of Fetch with Dog
A young boy attracts the attention of his dog for a game of fetch in this large to life size sculpture made of bronze.

Golden Retriever Facts To Know

Everyone likes the Golden Retriever. Who doesn’t! It is a people’s dog really and it shares some history with breeds like the Irish Setter, the Tweed Water Spaniel and the Flat-Coated Retriever. One look and you know there is just something so attractive about the way it looks. Let’s put it this way – there’s just a certain kind of charm that this dog has that is so hard to shake off. It can melt you with its pleading soft brown eyes and the truth is, this dog has a beautiful and friendly personality. As such, it isn’t surprising why it has become one of the friendliest dogs you could ever know. In fact, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds here in the United States. So, what is it that is so charming about this dog? One look may say it all but just what is it about this dog which makes it enough to compel someone to bring it home and make it a part of the family?

Well, there are many reasons why Americans love the Golden Retriever. Here are some of the reasons why:

Excellent Service Dog

Originally, the Golden Retriever was used in hunting where they showed a knack for retrieving ducks and other waterfowl. Over time, the Golden Retriever like the Labrador and its other counterparts were found to be suitable for other types of work. Today, these lovely dogs are known to be used in search and rescue missions including aiding in mishaps which happen in water, act as guide dogs for the blind and the crippled, detect bombs and drugs in airports as well as save lives of people in various other capacities. They take instructions and perform well during obedience training making them suitable for work as assistant or service dogs. They are also strong and able to retrieve objects which are beyond the reach of people.

Adorable and Huggable Family Dog

The Golden Retriever is a wonderful family dog and is so friendly that you couldn’t possibly count on it as a good guard dog because it has a tendency to even wag its tail at strangers. However, if you are getting one, you must understand it needs to be around people all the time and never likes being alone! Hence, it is important to keep this dog involved in family activities. Before you commit to one, determine first your ability to cater to the demands of this dog as once you have it, it is important to get used to the idea of having this dog around you all the time. Because they are so intelligent, you can find work to keep this dog busy like getting the newspapers for you, waking up family members and training with you as you do sports. All this works out well because the Golden Retriever needs plenty of exercise as well. If you are someone who likes to hike and jog, then you have found yourself a nice companion to keep you company.

Celebrity Golden Retrievers

There are many Golden Retrievers which have earned a place in the media and show business in such films as Air Bud, The Incredible Journey, Full House and Cats & Dogs. One well known Golden Retriever which was featured in the White House was owned by President Gerald Ford who received “Liberty” as a gift from his daughter when it was just 8 months old. The dog was frequently filmed with the president in the Oval office and received coverage because of its connection with the president. Another pet which received the same status was President Reagan’s Golden Retriever, Victory.

Another Golden Retriever worth mentioning is Pinkie, a famous show dog which won the Best in Breed title at UK”s Westminster dog show. While this dog may have a beauty agenda that will shock you, it amazed many when it acted as a surrogate mother for three orphaned Tiger cubs that lost their mother. It seems Pinkie took care of the cubs as if they were her own.

Golden Retrievers will always have a special place in our hearts. They make wonderful pets and oftentimes, the owners feel deeply when they are lost. It is the reason why many Golden Retriever owners like to be reminded of their pets constantly. There are bookends shaped in the form of Golden Retrievers, statues which glorify them and many unique gift ideas are available in the market to celebrate this enchanting dog breed.

Please email us if you have any questions about our Golden Retriever statues and sculptures. We suggest bronze sculptures for anyone looking to set up a Golden Retriever memorial.

C. Keller

March 2, 2017

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