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Golfer Statues

Our golfer statues catalog highlights whimsical golf statues for the home and garden from a selection of funny golfers with an attitude to a range of golf sculptures including lady golfer statues and golf figurines made of bronze for the desk of the golfer. Golf statue highlight the flavor of the swing as a characteristic feature of the statue and while some gently poke fun at the helpless golfer trying to perfect the best swing, we also highlight lovely golf sculptures that celebrate a well effected swing!
Tabletop and Bronze Female Golfers
Explore tabletop female golf figurines and bronze golfer statues and sculptures for the garden.
Bronze Golf Floor Lamps
Introduce golf themed floor lamps for the entrances or driveways to spark up interest and character.
Life Size Golfer Statues and Golf Sculptures
Features bronze life size golfer statues and sculptures for a golf school or golf course.
Bronze and Garden Male Golfers
Features male golfer statues of all sizes including golf statues for the garden
Tabletop Male and Female Golf Figurines
Features tabletop male and female golf figurines for use as awards and the tabletop.

Landscaping 101 with Garden Sculptures and Ornaments

Before you settle down on what works for you when planning your landscaping design, the first thing you need to do is to determine the kind of features you would like to see in your landscape. Scout around for landscaping ideas and once you are ready, determine what will work for you based on your space and budget demands. For a start, try to list everything you would like to see in your garden for a start.

When planning sculptures, try and determine what your sculptures should do for you. Do you want a sculpture that tells a story and attracts attention in your garden? Or maybe, you simply want to place a sculpture that does not have to take a lot of exposure but serves a purpose for you that means well such as a religious statue? Or if you are someone interested in creating a Zen garden, you might find it appealing to add a Japanese lantern or a Buddha statue? Some homeowners may even appreciate adding a touch of whimsical fun to their landscaping design indulging in creative garden ornaments like frogs and turtles, while others may enjoy a look of formality to the garden preferring to include sculptures like finials and even 4ft garden statues and sometimes life size sculptures that measures 6 ft and above to add to the landscape.

So, what are some of the considerations when using sculptures in the garden?

  1. Add a Sculpture that Sets a Focal Point for the Location Intended

Do not add a small frog statue to a large space. It will not be noticed. Adding sculptures should correspond to the garden space intended. You want to create visibility and presence when you walk to the location and be able to focus on the sculpture that is placed for that purpose. Your guests must set their eyes comfortably and be able to receive the purpose and beauty of the sculpture, and then appreciate its presence against the landscape provided in the area.

Additionally, if a sculpture of a bust looks good for the location, it makes sense to add a pillar or pedestal to hold that sculpture to meet eye level. The last you need is your guests craning their heads and looking downwards to see the bust. When you raise the bust and set it on a tall pedestal, you also contrast the sculpture against the rest of the garden landscape which include a touch of myriad colors.

  1. Add fun to the garden landscape with whimsical sculptures

Maybe, you are not someone who likes too much formality and grandeur in the garden? Perhaps, you are the kind who likes it easy in the yard and prefer sculptures that add fun and whimsy? Then why not add sculptures that you can relate to like a sculpture of your favorite dog, a cat sitting on a shelf to add some movement or you might fancy a funny frog statue as a pond spitter for your pond? You don’t have to always have very serious sculptures in your yard. Sometimes, it is just as fun to add a sculpture that pokes fun and makes you laugh. For those who enjoy golfing, you might consider adding some golf statues and sculptures which celebrate your hobby.

  1. Introduce bronze sculptures to add character to the garden landscape

Bronze sculptures are an investment and oftentimes, adding them to your garden landscape helps create deserving and many times, compelling focal points. You can bronze fountain sculptures to add an impact to your garden pond or set a life size sculpture like the statue of Zeus or a Ballet dancer on a pedestal to become a centerpiece for your courtyard or by the garden pool. Bronze has the ability of creating formality and their unique appeal helps set a vibrant contrast against the garden landscape. Although it requires an investment, bronze sculptures are worth considering if you are looking to create formality and an impression for your landscape design.

  1. Add sculptures that tone well with the seasons

You can create new focal points in your garden landscape if you choose to vary your sculptures with the seasons. Some homeowners may not appreciate the additional work but if you are someone who likes to move along with the seasonal changes, you can address your garden with a sculpture that fits the season. Try and invest in sculptures that can be easily moved around. And if you are truly serious about adding sculptures which reflect the seasons, why not consider the Four Season Sculptures?

  1. Introduce sculptures which add a mystery and an expression

There are so many types of sculptures available which can help create some enchanting interest against the greenery. You can highlight unique sculptures like the Frank Lloyd Wright collection to add a mystery and consider blending the statue against your greenery or you can place orbs to add geometric appeal to your garden niche. Sometimes, an antiqued garden sculpture reflecting an aging appeal may strike an interest when set by the pond.

  1. Introduce animal sculptures to create movement or stillness

Sometimes, you can add animal sculptures like a pair of deer or a set of crane statues to add a dynamic appeal to the garden landscape. When placed alone, the deer and crane might look lonely and somewhat out of place but these days, animal statues sold as a pair come with two pieces which are designed differently. So, when one crane looks down and appears to search the ground for food, another crane sculpture is usually created looking up. Why not consider adding some lighting to the sculptures to add more drama?

Introducing sculptures to your garden landscape can be a fun activity and should not cause you stress. In fact, the best part in landscaping comes with adding the final touches that would bloom your garden. There are so many sculptures in the marketplace which will glorify your garden – you just need to find the right pieces which add to tell the story. Contrast your garden landscape with the use of small and large statues including life size sculptures which should be used to add a focal point to your garden. You can email us for more information on our garden sculptures.

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