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One of the fastest dogs known to man, greyhounds are reared for family companionship and known to be capable of racing to great speeds. Our greyhound statues catalog features greyhound gifts and greyhound sculptures including Italian Greyhound statues and sculptures.
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Sitting Greyhound Statue
Sitting Greyhound Statue
List Price: $415.00
Your Price: $225.00
You Save: $190.00 (46 %)
Sitting Greyhound Statue
Our Italian Greyhound sculptures and greyhound dog statues features this young sitting greyhound statue with a polished finish.
Pair of Greyhound Bookends
Pair of Greyhound Bookends
List Price: $115.00
Your Price: $89.50
You Save: $25.50 (22 %)
Pair of Greyhound Bookends
Add a unique greyhound decor with our set of greyhound figurine bookends shown here on a base. Resin.
Large Greyhound Bookends
Large Greyhound Bookends
List Price: $135.00
Your Price: $104.50
You Save: $30.50 (23 %)
Large Greyhound Bookends
Our tall and elegant greyhound figurines are designed as bookends for the desk. Resin.
Running Greyhounds Sculpture
Running Greyhounds Sculpture
List Price: $156.00
Your Price: $124.50
You Save: $31.50 (20 %)
Running Greyhounds Sculpture
Our greyhound sculptures comes with an almost art deco appeal highlighting running greyhounds. Cast iron on wooden base.
Sitting Italian Greyhound on Base
Life Size Garden Greyhound Sculpture
List Price: $299.95
Your Price: $238.00
You Save: $61.95 (21 %)
Life Size Garden Greyhound Sculpture
Our garden greyhound comes with distinctive finishes. Greyhounds are notably one of the fastest dogs known to man. Sleek and agile, these dogs are also trusting and loyal to their owners.
Large Sitting Italian Greyhound
Sitting Greyhound Statue - Handpainted
List Price: $369.95
Your Price: $275.00
You Save: $94.95 (26 %)
Sitting Greyhound Statue - Handpainted
Our choice of greyhound gifts include this Italian greyhound statue for indoor use. Durable fiberglass resin. Hand painted as shown.
Large Sitting Whippet Statue
Large Sitting Whippet Statue
List Price: $445.00
Your Price: $295.00
You Save: $150.00 (34 %)
Large Sitting Whippet Statue
One of the fastest dogs known around, our whippet statue comes in a sitting posture as shown. Resin.
Lying Greyhound Statue
Lying Greyhound Statue - Monumental
List Price: $1,795.00
Your Price: $1,250.00
You Save: $545.00 (30 %)
Lying Greyhound Statue - Monumental
The sleek and lithe persona and character of the graceful greyhound is captured here in the resting form. Cast stone and concrete aggregates.
Bronze Sitting Greyhound II
Bronze Sitting Greyhound II
List Price: $1,998.00
Your Price: $1,375.00
You Save: $623.00 (31 %)
Bronze Sitting Greyhound II
A classic rendition of the greyhound, this close to life size statue of a sitting greyhound, adds a beautiful statement to the home. Bronze.
Please email for information on our greyhound statues and sculptures.

Dog Facts: Greyhound Dogs 101

If you have a greyhound, you probably realize that your dog has the potential of sprinting at about 40-45 mph and that should come as no surprise because the Greyhound is one of the fastest dogs in the world. One of the most ancient dog breeds, the greyhounds were originally bred as hunting dogs to chase the fast wildlife animals like the fox, deer and the hare. These days, greyhound owners pride in sending their aerodynamic pooches for racing and coursing games as a way of competing in dog sports. While they may seem like sprightly dogs and avid racers, the long-legged and muscular greyhound is really a sweet and mild-mannered dog.

Here are some quick facts you may like to know about your greyhound:

  1. Greyhounds can be subjected to cruelty when they are mostly raised for the monetary value they give their owners rather than the pleasure that comes from owning them. Many people may have a greyhound to use them for racing sports and when they are “done” exhausting the life of these poor dogs, they will abandon these poor greyhounds or sometimes sell them to laboratories. There are others who may also think less of keeping their greyhound and will euthanize them if they feel that they cannot get any further use of their dog. It is a sad situation and there are a number of rescue efforts done to protect greyhounds from such ill treatment.
  2. Do not leave your greyhound unattended. They must always be on a leash when taken outdoors or you could lose sight of them very, very quickly. That’s because these charming dogs are easily excited at the sight of another animal like a cat or squirrel and will charge after them. The least you need is to run after a racing greyhound. It is also important to keep them on a muzzle when taking them outdoors because they have a habit of nipping at other small animals and dogs.
  3. These muscular and sprightly dogs are really very tender and timid dogs. If they are not socialized well enough as a puppy, Greyhounds can grow to fear people and new surroundings. Sometimes, they might have problems even adapting to a new environment or schedule that you might have for it.
  4. Greyhounds may run super fast but they will do well even in small apartments. That’s because they love to sleep for long hours and this helps conserve their energy.
  5. These dogs require minimal grooming because of their thin coats. As a result, they shed little hair. However, this also means that the greyhound may get hurt easily and can harm their skin. If left unmonitored, the dog can get scrapes and tears. They will also shiver in the cold weather and this means it is important to buy your dog a warm coat to wear.
  6. Never buy a greyhound from just any store or breeder. Always research a reputable breeder who ensures that both parent breeds are free from diseases and have a clean bill of health. The least you need is a puppy that has inherited the poor genes of its parent.

Greyhounds are an affectionate dog. While there are many foundations like the National Greyhound Foundation which have risen to protect greyhounds because of the abuse they suffer, there are many more which also train the greyhound to act as service dogs. A number of organizations which clamp down on the ill treatment of greyhounds used for racing have asserted that the greyhound has many years left even after retiring that would allow it to be a companion dog. That the life of such a dog is rudely taken away through euthanasia by money-minded greyhound owners is simply appalling.

Having a greyhound means you simply have to know the rules of looking after one. Despite the horrifying stories told of their abuse, there are many loving greyhound dog owners who truly care and love their dogs. Some take a lot of trouble getting greyhound ornaments such as greyhound bookends to remind themselves of their pet. For those who love greyhounds, we offer a number of beautiful greyhound sculptures including bronze greyhounds which will make a wonderful addition for the home and garden. One of our greyhounds was also used by Domino magazine during their initial launch and many customers were happy with their choice. You can find the greyhound used by Domino magazine here.

Please email us if you need more help with our greyhound statues and sculptures.


C. Keller

6 February 2017

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