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Huge Elk Bronze Sculpture

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Huge Elk Bronze Sculpture
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Elks are very large deers which belong to the Cervidae family. They are social animals which are usually found in large herds of some 200 members. Here, our life size elk sculpture comes beautifully detailed to make a statement as shown.

Dimensions: 97"H x 84" x 60"
Weight: 320 lbs
We will match and do better on any in-stock or custom sculpture. Email us.

Normally ships in 12-16 weeks.
If you need this produced for shipment to you, please be advised there is a 50% deposit we need to make to the factory to commence production. Delivery is 12-16 weeks because it ships via sea freight.

Elk Fun Facts

Elks usually stay in same sex herds but will follow a matriarchal hierarchy. During the mating season, male elks or bulls will compete for the attention of the females. The quest to win a female elk can get serious and many male elks can be hurt during the process. Male elks will bellow and challenge their opponents by sizing them to a match that involves fighting with their antlers. The elk that pushes the other down will usually win the attention of the female.  

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