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The Labrador Retriever is a popular and friendly dog, always known to be constantly loyal to its owner. Here, our range of Labrador Retrievers include a wide range of garden statues including Labrador fountain statues, Labrador Retriever statues and unique Labrador sculptures and statues designed as a lantern statue. Also explore unique Lab gifts like Labrador bookends.
Our distinguishing Labrador statues are so real and lifelike that it is hard to tell them apart. Each of our lovely Labradors are handcrafted to reflect the athletic built and pleasant disposition of these friendly dogs. Labradors are kind animals who are accustomed to human environment and who have developed a keen mind in hunting and the ability to sustain the rough terrain.
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Labrador Fountain Statue
Large Labrador Fountain Statue
List Price: $3,298.00
Your Price: $2,200.00
You Save: $1,098.00 (33 %)
Large Labrador Fountain Statue
One of our whimsical fountain statues featuring a Labrador eager to put out the fire! Bronze statue.
Obedient Labrador Statue
Obedient Labrador Statue
List Price: $4,500.00
Your Price: $2,325.00
You Save: $2,175.00 (48 %)
Obedient Labrador Statue
Our yellow lab statue sits with complete obedience in this large sculpture designed for indoor or outdoor use. Bronze.
Large Bronze Labrador Retriever Sculpture
Large Bronze Labrador Retriever Sculpture
List Price: $5,998.00
Your Price: $2,850.00
You Save: $3,148.00 (52 %)
Large Bronze Labrador Retriever Sculpture
One of our large bronze Labs that will also do well outdoors. Bronze.
Large Boy and His Dog Fountain Sculpture
Large Boy and His Dog Fountain Sculpture
List Price: $14,750.00
Your Price: $8,900.00
You Save: $5,850.00 (40 %)
Large Boy and His Dog Fountain Sculpture
One of our unique garden pond statues highlights a boy and his dog. Bronze sculpture.
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Facts about Dogs: The Labrador Retriever

One of the most popular breed dogs in the United States, the Labrador Retriever is revered by many families as being a warm and loving family dog. It is characterized as possessing the colors chocolate, yellow and black. A check on the market place will reveal so many sculptures which celebrate the Labrador as an intelligent and kind dog. Some people will also invest more to purchase bronze Labrador sculptures to mark a memorial for their pooch, sometimes leaving them as sculptures to adorn the garden landscape. There are even cute angel Lab statues for those who live Labrador statues with wings!

If you are a Lab lover, you might be inclined to consider the Labrador as a choice dog for the family. Here are some facts to support that view.

Diabetic Alert Dogs

Did you know that Labradors can be trained to detect diabetic episodes in people? These dogs are scent-trained to detect the chemical changes in blood sugar prior to the onset of someone suffering from low blood sugar, a medical condition called hypoglycemia. In 2003, a yellow lab called Armstrong was donated to Mark Ruefenacht, who suffered from Type I diabetes. Ruefenacht was also known to be involved in the research using dogs to detect and alert people facing hypoglycemic conditions. Under his directive, Mark was sent to other Type I diabetic sufferers and it was found that the dog was able to successfully alert them prior to any hypoglycemic attacks. As a result, this project provided proof that dogs were able to assist people afflicted with diabetes to be cautioned should they run into low blood sugar issues. As a result, Armstrong was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the first diabetic alert dog. Armstrong passed away in 2012.

Lab Dogs Love to Eat

Did you know that Labradors never seem to get enough of their food? Have you ever wondered why your Lab never seems to feel full after a meal? Research has shown that Labradors will do anything to get food including digging trash bins and pleading sometimes stealing food from tables and counters to get by. The reason behind their hunger lies with the fact that Labradors do not produce enough neuropeptides that allow them to suppress hunger as they have an unusual variant of the POMC gene. Research based on 700 Labradors showed that at least one in four Labradors had the gene variant causing them to possible face obesity and diabetes. While it is difficult to sometimes resist the pleading eyes of a sweet Labrador dog, it is important to regulate their diet in view of this. Always ensure your Labrador gets plenty of exercise and a careful diet to mitigate the problem of feeling hungry all the time.

Labs Have High Pain Threshold

Did you know that Labrador Retrievers can take more pain than most other dogs? This is the reason why they are used quite often in rescue missions, police work and hunting expeditions. It also means that these dogs need to be monitored sufficiently so they do not hurt themselves.

Dog Recycling Facts

Did you know that a Labrador from Wales called Tubby was recognized by the Guinness World Record for recycling over 26,000 plastic bottles in six years? It seems the dog collected the plastic bottles on its daily walks, would crush them and pass them over to its owner for recycling. Each day it gets its daily walks, Wally would scout for plastic bottles usually finding them in bushes and even leaping into water to retrieve them. As a result, Wally has proven that dogs can help make the planet a greener place to live in. Perhaps, it shouldn’t be too surprising to know that since Wally comes from a place called Pontnewyyd whose residents take a serious view in recycling.

One of the Friendly Dog Breeds

Labradors are very popular because they have a keen sense to please their owners and because of their capability in the areas of search and rescue as well as therapy, these dogs are reared the most by American households. It is known that the Lab as they are sometimes affectionately known by, tend to be social and never like being alone. Fact is the dog loves to be around people even strangers and at times, it is hard to even avoid its ability to beg and plead at the dinner table. The dog simply has an infectious way of making one feel obligated to attend to its needs. As a result of its over friendliness, these dog do not make good guard dogs since they are non-territorial.

With so many good habits to their credit, Labradors make fun dogs to have. It is no wonder that many home owners like to celebrate their dog with sculptures of Labradors even investing in bronze dog statues to set them up in the garden or in the home. Some even fancy Lab bookends to grace their book shelves not forgetting doorstops as well.

Please email us for more information on our choices of Labrador statues and sculptures


C. Keller

March 5, 2017

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