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Life Size Monkey Family Sculpture

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Bronze Monkey Family Sculpture
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Highlighting the enchanting disposition of three monkeys including a baby chimp, our life size bronze sculpture of three monkeys, add a playful addition to a zoo or garden park as it ushers the mood of the wildlife theme. Made of bronze. Comes skillfully hand finished in a two-tone patina. Suitable for commercial offices, public grounds, monkey themed organizations or zoo,

Dimensions: 76"H x 34"W x 35"L

Finish: Two-tone Patina

Normally ships in 1-2 weeks. May take up to 12-16 weeks if not in stock.

Monkey Fun Facts:

One of the tiniest monkeys known to mankind, the pygmy marmoset lives in the rain forest of South America and are known to move so fast to avoid their predators, leaping several feet at a time. They have a characteristic color of orange brown which allows them to camouflage in the forest terrain well. These monkeys are sometimes compared to a squirrel because their movements are quick and almost dashing. One full grown adult pygmy marmoset will fit the palm of an adult but its tail is known to be much longer than the size of its body. This is so because it allows the monkey to maintain balance as it leaps from one tree to another or within branches in its way.

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