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Life Size Statues

Life size statues add a unique addition to the garden and create movement and sometimes, stillness. Our range of life size statues include famous human sculptures, Greek and Roman statues like the famous Hebe and Venus statues, life size reproductions of the famous Rodin sculptures and even a selection of David statues.
Life Size Biblical Figures
Explores a line of Biblical sculptures like our statues of King David in bronze and marble.
Life Size Children Sculptures and Statues
Features monumental children statues and sculptures for a park, memorial, school, library, museum and garden too!
Life Size Dancing Statues and Sculptures
Features life size dancing statues including ballerina and ballroom dancing statues and sculptures.
Life Size Four Seasons Statues
Features life size sculptures of the four seasons depicting seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Other Life Size Sculptures
Features life size sculptures including classical statues and other themed life size statues.
Life Size Golf, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Soccer and Football Statues and Sculptures
Features selections of life size statues for golf, badminton, tennis, football and soccer, basketball and more!
Life Size Women and Female Statues
Features female sculptures for indoor and outdoor display.
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Roman Centurion with Vinewood Staff
Roman Centurion with Vinewood Staff
List Price: $75,000.00
Your Price: $48,500.00
You Save: $26,500.00 (35 %)
Roman Centurion with Vinewood Staff
A Roman Centurion directs with his vinewood staff and establishes his control. Bronze sculpture.

Add Character to your Garden Landscape with your Sculptures

When you landscape your garden, you are instilling character and care to the way the garden would work for you. Landscaping is an art – it allows you to be creative and to express yourself as if you were a painter. With what’s available to you in the form of brick, sculpture, ornaments and plants and unique garden accents like benches and arbors, you will create a garden that appeals to your senses and becomes your own personal paradise.

Most homeowners like to include sculptures as part of their garden landscape. However, before you place sculptures and garden statues like angels and cherubs as well as ornaments like finials and bird baths and even fountains for a planned courtyard, you have to furnish your landscape with the right plants including flowering plants, trees and shrubs. Once you have a plan to set up your plants and trees, you would work to include the hardscaping elements like the statues and sculptures as well as the stones, garden paths, patios and walls. When you do this, you create a garden retreat that works for you and your family – one in which the family can gather comfortably and celebrate nature after a hard day’s work.

In this article, we will discuss what it means to introduce sculptures and statues into your garden landscape. Once all the planting is done, try and stand back to see what elements would work well with the garden. Where do you wish to place your bird bath? Is it in a conspicuous space of your garden or do you wish to create a focal point with the use of your bird bath and welcoming the birds into your garden? Remember that you can create a few focal points in your garden. The arbor as an instance can be used to create a private screen to another location in your garden where you prefer that only the family and select guests may venture. So, it offers a break in your garden and sectionalizes areas in your landscape according to what meets your needs. Some may set up a fountain in the front of their yard as a focal point. A beautiful tiered fountain may do nicely to welcome your guests as they drive through your circular driveway. Other homeowners may include a stunning life size sculpture to welcome the guests. Still more homeowners may add a touch of the whimsical by using lamp post sculptures to light a path so guests can appreciate the subtle beauty of your landscape in the late evenings. It all depends on your preference and what works for you in terms of the taste and style planned for your garden.

Let’s take a look at the use of garden ornaments and sculptures. Some of us may include sculptures as a way of adding stillness and movement in the garden landscape. We may choose to add sculptures to intermingle with the greenery of our garden landscape or we could choose to set the sculpture to direct the guest to a certain pathway in our garden. For instance, you could set about a life size sculpture to the pathway and that would direct your guests to consider using the pathway to walk up to the front entrance of your home. You deliberately chose a life size sculpture because it is bound to attract the attention of your guests and cause them to examine the area a little more.

What do sculptures tell about us? Well essentially, it tells us about who we are. The kind of sculptures we select helps tone the garden to a form that works with us both visually and emotionally. And with the number and kinds of sculptures available these days, you can craft your garden to reflect the use of these ornaments to tell a story. Some of us like to include children sculptures. We add innocence to the garden landscape as a young boy is seen holding a frog that spouts water into your pool or pond. Then some of us may add animals as part of the garden landscape. Some favorites include the use of frogs, turtles, raccoons, rabbits and even pigs. All these add a touch of whimsy in the landscape filling up a niche in a hedge or a wall. However, one of the most important factors to remember is that you should not over clutter your garden landscape with too many ornaments and sculptures. Choose wisely and plan the look of the house with the rest of the garden landscape. Understand the elements of design like color, form and texture and then develop a concept to make it a reality. Take pictures if you need to, make notes and draw sketches to see if the final design works for you.

The garden is your haven. With a plan, you can decide which sculptures whether large or small, work for you. They can be used as part of the greenery to create a mystery or surprise or be used against the landscape to catch attention. It all depends on your personal preferences and what you think would work for you.

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