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Little Bronze Elephant with Raised Trunk

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Little Bronze Elephant with Raised Trunk
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Elephants are regal animals known for their intelligence and high inclinations in social networking. Our elephant sculpture is made of bronze and comes on a solid marble base. Sculpted, it captures the mood of an elephant raising its trunk in a blessing posture.
Bronze on marble base. Hand finished.

Dimensions: 11"H x 13"L x 8"W

Normally ships in 1-2 weeks.

Elephant Facts

Did you know that male elephants can get very aggressive and hostile towards people and other elephants even their own babies when they experience musth? This happens irregardless whether the elephant is wild or domesticated. During this time which is really the mating season, it is best to keep away from the male elephant. Some Asian elephants are known to experience musth for about 60 days and can be tied and isolated sometimes denied food to keep their energy levels down. A number of bull elephants have been known to kill zoo keepers; this happens even with the friendliest elephants and as such, care is needed in the handling of all male elephants undergoing musth. Such animals need to be enclosed in very strong enclosures so they do not cause harm to another.

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