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Lobster Statues, Sculptures and Gifts

When one thinks of lobsters, you would not dispense the delicious and sumptious dishes that the lobster cuisines can entail from lobster newburg to lobster bisque and a delicious helping of lobster pot pies. But these clawed crustaceans also offer much appeal and their inspiring motifs have resulted in the creation of beautiful lobster sculptures and figurines including bronze and brass lobster statues and lobster gifts such as lobster door knockers for those looking to add to a sea or coastal themed home and garden appeal. Lobsters make unique gift ideas for the home and often display their penchant for remaining in the sea.
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Lobster Figurine II - Cast Iron
Lobster Figurine II - Cast Iron
List Price: $49.95
Your Price: $37.00
You Save: $12.95 (26 %)
Lobster Figurine II - Cast Iron
Somewhat looking delicious but brazen with its pincers pointed outwards...our lobster sculpture is definitely best kept away from the kitchen. Cast iron.
Lobster Sculpture on Base
Florida Lobster Sculpture
List Price: $235.00
Your Price: $175.00
You Save: $60.00 (26 %)
Florida Lobster Sculpture
Created with style and elegance, our lobster sculpture will surely add a statement for an evening conversation. Brass.
Lobster Sculpture
Lobster Sculpture - Bronze
List Price: $1,395.00
Your Price: $950.00
You Save: $445.00 (32 %)
Lobster Sculpture - Bronze
Add a decorative accent with our lobster figurine to supplement a coastal or sea themed decor for the home. Brass.
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