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Majestic Elk on Rock

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Majestic Elk on Rock
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One of the largest land mammals in North America and Asia, and is said to be the largest of the deer species, our majestic elk comes beautifully detailed for outdoor use. Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 120"H x 70" x 35"

Normally ships in 2-3 weeks when stocked.

Elk Fun Facts

Elks form part of the Cervidae family which also include such species as the deer, caribou and moose. They have huge antlers which can reach up to 4 ft and are distinguished by their long legs and cloven hooves. Although they are larger than the deer, the elk is not as large as the moose. Male elks usually stand about 4-5 feet in height and weigh up to 1000 lbs. Female elks do not have antlers unlike their caribous counterparts.

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