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Memorial Sculptures

The lines we deliver on the type of sculptures and monuments you may find are endless. It would be impossible to fill in for every catalog we show but we have some we highlight here that you might like to think about. For those who are looking for military memorial sculptures, tell us the story of your friend or loved one, and we will see if there is something we can do to celebrate the memory of this treasured person. In this catalog, you will also find some of the most fascinating angel sculptures. They come in all sizes and styles, many designed to pay tribute to the one you love and respect so much. Email us.
Fireman Sculptures
Sculptures for commemorating the fireman. Also highlights the firefighter's helmet as a symbolic marker.
Military Sculptures for Memorials
Our selections for military sculptures and memorial markers.
Angel Monuments and Memorial Sculptures
Explore inspiring cherub and angel monuments to mark the loss of a loved one.
Memorial sculptures convey your thoughts and love for the one who continues to remain a part of your life. There are so many sculptures you can find to commemorate the memory of your lost one. It could be a child sculpture highlighting something really unforgettable about that person. It could be something so simple as the person's constant gesture to deliver something to another who is unprivileged and that highlight is something you want to show in the memorial sculpture. That's where our sculptures and statues come in.
Please email us if you need more help with memorial sculptures. There might be something you might not find that we could suggest.

Celebrate Your Memories with Inspiring Memorial Statues

Memorial gardens are simply an inspiring way of celebrating the memory of a loved one. As you set up the memorial garden, you will feel such a need to incorporate as much of the personality that reflects of your loved one into the memorial piece you have considered. It could lie with a favorite quote plastered onto a bench, a sport symbol like a basketball or golf marker, a sculpture like a birdbath or a statue, or even a tree. When rules become such an issue so that you may not be allowed to add your favorite keepsakes to the grave, it makes so much sense then to have a memorial garden to commemorate your loved one. With memorial gardens, you do not have to wait for that one special day to visit the grave. It can happen all year long.

You can always remember the person just spending your time in the memorial garden built to mark his or her memory. It is a special place where you would convene to reflect on the member who passed on and to find ways to deal with the passing. Good memories are always a treasure and the way you place your feelings into the memorial garden also reflects the hope, love and way you feel about the one has been lost.

Some people like to plant a tree to mark the memory of a loved one. Maybe, your loved one had a special tree like an oak tree for instance and hence, you want to add this tree as a way of remembering him or her. Or perhaps, you might find a tree too large to consider and decide on a garden that is built on all the different kinds of plants and flowers and even shrubs that interested the one who has gone. Surely, the scent and look of flowers could also do a lot to revive the memory of the one who is gone. In that garden, you might also consider placing a sculpture of some sort that revives the memory and adds character and love to bloom in its place. Some people even love placing quotes and plaques almost as if to announce the passing of someone they loved and this could be the highlight of the memorial garden as well. Others may consider adding a bench which allows the living to sit and reflect on the memories which mean so much now. 

Here are some ways sculptures can contribute to a memorial garden:

Use Memorial Benches

You may find a number of benchesin a cemetery but there is nothing like setting up a special bench to use in a memorial garden. Some people like to include the favorite quotes of the member who passed on and they may customize their bench to reflect on that quote. As they sit and reminisce about old times, they might find the satisfaction of communing with their loved one and expressing their feelings about what was once so dear. Because no garden is complete without a bench, this is a wonderful way of getting someone to stay in the garden a little longer to relax and think or even pray for their lost ones. Most memorial benches come in many colors and are made of sturdy materials like granite, marble and bronze. Choose benches which are designed to last.

Use Bird Baths or Sundials

Some people may find it so comforting to store the ashes of their loved ones in a sculpture like a bird bathor sundial. It could be that your loved one was someone who enjoyed watching the birds and would do so much to welcome the birds to the garden. Hence, it could make sense and add to your comfort to include a bird bath or even a sundial to the garden.

Use Angels

Some people enjoy adding memorial angels to the garden. Angels bring peace and protection wherever they are. They are after all, a sign from heaven and so, placing an angel like a life size angel that shows protection or highlights comfort, may be a wonderful consideration for your memorial garden. There are many types of memorial angels you could consider for your garden and they could include those even holding banners making it possible to include your favorite quote on that banner. Some angels are created to appear as if they are thinking while some come with open arms to share with your grief and loss. Since, the interest in sculptures like teh Angel of Grief, many have taken to including weeping angels. Angels are surely a wonderful consideration for any memorial garden and will evoke a sense of peace and love.

Use Memorial Stones or Rocks

Sometimes, you might like to have a simple rock or garden stone which speaks of your loved one. You may include this as part of your greenery reflecting on it as you meditate and pray for your loved one.

Some people may also add other sculptures which reflect the sport or character of their loved one. You could include a ballerina if your loved once enjoyed ballet or may have been a ballet dancer. Or you could include a golfer sculpture if your loved one was someone who enjoyed playing golf. If your loved one was a military person or a policeman or woman, chances are you might want to have a sculpture that marks that theme. Sometimes, when a child is gone, parents may consider adding a memorial sculpture that shows a reading child or it could be a child with a dog or his favorite cat. There’s just so much you can do with memorial gardens. It is a place of refuge and one in which you gather your thoughts to reflect on. Plan your garden well to include some of these sculptures so that you can spend more time to reflect and think about your time with the person who meant so much.

C. Keller

6 January 2017

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