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Mermaid and her Turtle Friends Sculpture

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Mermaid and her Turtle Friends Sculpture
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Mermaids are legendary creatures which have not only inspired fairytales but they have also served as a backgrop for many art work and sculptures like this large tabletop sculpture of a mermaid guiding her turtle friends.
Brass sculpture on marble base.

Dimensions: 26"H x 12" x 11''

Normally ships in 1-2 weeks.

Turtle Facts:

Did you know that sea turtles like the green turtles are affected by the millions of tons of plastic debris that gets lodged into their habitat? The plastic breaks down into smaller bite sized forms which when emitted leads to the emission of poisonous gases within the turtles. When this happens, the turtles will float to the surface preventing them from searching for food in the bottom of the sea. Over time, the turtles will die of starvation falling prey to other predators like the sharks. It is important that authorities ensure that people recycle and reuse plastics to prevent them from being dumped into the sea. Having a plan involved in the use of plastic would do a lot to protect the sea turtles from coming into contact with them.

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