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Moose Statues, Sculptures and Figurines

Many cultures pay tribute to the moose and countries like Norway and Sweden regard the moose as the national animal of their countries. The moose is also a recognized animal in the US. Our range of moose statues include handcrafted moose figurines and bronze moose sculptures that celebrate this enduring animal of the wild. For those who need life size moose sculptures, why not consider ours' for adding character to the garden and park landscape? The moose is usually found in the colder region of North America because of their thick, insulating fur and large size. You can usually see them within forested areas with streams and ponds. Their large size makes it difficult to survive in warm climates and they usually cool off in the water during summer. Our moose statues include large to life size bronze moose statues which will add a delight in parks, zoos or ranches. Standing tall and regal, our bronze moose statues reveal beauty and poise as they feature a moose standing regally as if surveying the environment.
Many people might like to engage moose statues for their establishment because of the symbolic meaning denoted by their presence. Moose symbolizes grace and represents adaptation, strength, energy and movement. Native Americans view the moose spiritually and believe that the spirit of the moose is filled with knowledge and wisdom. This makes the moose unique and able to encounter difficulties in their lifetime. Our moose statues will surely usher in a warm welcome as we introduce a moose statue that stands atop a rock. Created with much detail, our moose sculptures also highlight an importance as it stands atop a rock or pedestal. It seems to bless the land upon which it walks and surveys the land ahead with much dignity.
Some people are afriad of being too close to a moose and are alarned at the huge size of its face and its antlers. However, a large number of people enjoy keeping moose statues because of the symbolic meaning they present. These animals are admired because of the mannert they walk which is one with prude and authority. If you need help with our moose statues including our range of bronze moose sculptures meant for the tabletop, please email us quoting the product number of the moose sculpture, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with respect to shipping and delivery of these magnificent animals.
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Moose Statue
Moose Statue
List Price: $110.00
Your Price: $89.95
You Save: $20.05 (18 %)
Moose Statue
Crafted with a lovely detail, our moose statue adds a rustic appeal to the home. Resin.
Bronze Moose Statue on Marble Base
Resting Moose Statue on Marble Base
List Price: $735.00
Your Price: $460.00
You Save: $275.00 (37 %)
Resting Moose Statue on Marble Base
One of the largest species belonging to the deer family, the moose is affectionately depicted in much art and crafts. Bronze on a marble base.
Moose Sculpture on a Base
Moose Sculpture on a Base
List Price: $950.00
Your Price: $640.00
You Save: $310.00 (33 %)
Moose Sculpture on a Base
A moose is shown on a base in this bronze sculpture designed for the tabletop. Marble base.
Fighting Moose Sculpture
Fighting Moose Sculpture I
List Price: $1,760.00
Your Price: $1,095.00
You Save: $665.00 (38 %)
Fighting Moose Sculpture I
Two moose fight for territory in this large bronze tabletop sculpture. Marble base.
Walking Moose Sculpture
Walking Moose Sculpture
List Price: $6,800.00
Your Price: $4,998.00
You Save: $1,802.00 (27 %)
Walking Moose Sculpture
A male moose walks and surveys its surroundings in this large bronze moose sculpture for the garden.
Life Size Standing Moose Statue
Life Size Standing Moose Statue - DISCONTINUED
List Price: $14,975.00
Your Price: $7,855.00
You Save: $7,120.00 (48 %)
Life Size Standing Moose Statue - DISCONTINUED
Mooses have inspired many a cartoon, art form and cultural beliefs. Our life size standing moose statue will surely add a statement in any enviroment. Bronze.
Life Size Bronze Moose on Rock Statue
Life Size Bronze Moose on Rock Statue
List Price: $17,995.00
Your Price: $12,540.00
You Save: $5,455.00 (30 %)
Life Size Bronze Moose on Rock Statue
Mooses have inspired many a cartoon, art form and cultural beliefs. Our life size moose statue will surely add a statement for a zoo or park.
Life Size Female Moose Sculpture
Life Size Female Moose Sculpture
List Price: $28,795.00
Your Price: $18,500.00
You Save: $10,295.00 (36 %)
Life Size Female Moose Sculpture
Our life size sculpture of a female moose captures the curiosity of a young female moose. Bronze.

Looking for a Life Size Moose Statue for Sale? Here are Some Moose Facts …

Ever noticed the antlers of a moose? They are so large and heavy that their antlers alone are said to measure about 6 ft from one end to the other and weigh about 60 lbs. The moose which has brown or black fur, is the largest of the deer species standing tall with a long snout and distinctive muzzle. These animals belong to the ungulates family (hoofed mammals) and are known to be a force to be reckoned with because of their massive bodies and antlers. In Europe, the moose is called an elk but North Americans usually term this animal as a “moose”. They live in northern United States, Canada and parts of Europe where there is seasonal snow cover. Their life span measures some 15-20 years.

Moose are said to be so tall measuring about 5-6 feet from hoof to shoulder with longer front legs which help them jump. Male moose also known as a bull, usually weigh about 800-1300 pounds while females weigh about 600-850 pounds. Despite their weight, moose are known to run up to 35 miles per hour and are very good swimmers. They may paddle several miles at a time and can stay submerged under water for more than 30 seconds. They also hear very well if they rotate their large ears.

Moose enjoy grazing around tall grasses and shrubs where they eat leaves, bark pinecones and even twigs off trees and shrubs. In winter, they are known to consume twigs and live off mosses and lichens. They can also be seen moving around lakes and rivers where they would feed off aquatic plants like water lilies. Like the cow, the moose have four chambers in their stomach with food being fermented in the first chamber.

Here are some facts about the moose:

Each September to October, the solitary moose will sound off loud bellows to attract the female moose. During this time, male antlers may engage in battles using their antlers with other male moose to woo the female. The mating season is primarily designed to produce young. Once they have mated, both the male and female moose will go separate ways until the following year.

Female moose typically face a gestation period of some 230 days after which they may give birth to one or two calves, each weighing some 30 pounds. The calves are known to grow fast and can stand on their legs after one day of birth! They typically live with their mother and are weaned after 6 months. They will leave their mother when the next mating season begins. Young calves are known to be fully grown by the time they reach 6 years of age but they are vulnerable to bear and wolf attacks.

Did you know that the moose prefer to live in colder climates? They do not like climates which go more then 80 degrees Fahrenheit as they are unable to sweat. Their fur allows them to adapt to the cold because it is hollow and traps heat.

The moose population is generally safe and not threatened with an estimated 1.5 million moose believed to live in the wild. Although they have to be wary of natural predators like the bear and wolf, their population is still high. However, young moose aged about 4-6 years may not completely reach adulthood and are said to have a 50% chance of surviving. They also face a lot of possible car accidents and a large number of moose are killed this way in Canada and the state of Alaska in the United States.

The moose is celebrated as part of the animal totem in Native American culture. Most often, it is represented in folklore as a food animal. However, to some Native Americans, the moose represents self-esteem in the medicine wheel. In the Ojibwe and Cree cultures, the moose is seen as a symbol of endurance in the wild while the Menominee and the Chippewa tribes consider the moose as part of their clan. There are also some companies and colleges which have the moose as their mascot. One college includes Amherst College.

Our catalog features exciting selections of life size sculptures of moose to grace the park and zoos. Please email us for more information on our moose statues and sculptures.

C. Keller

7 January 2017

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