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Mythological Creatures

Mythological creatures have long intrigued humans and provided some of the most fertile literature ever created. Whether we come from the east, west or from the poles, our literature and folklore has been replete with some of the most fascinating creatures ever concocted giving way to sometimes fear and at times, respect. Our mythological creatures catalog promises some of the most intriguing creatures known to man like griffins, gargoyles, unicorns, the popular dragons spanning the east and west, gnomes and even elves as well as many other legendary creatures and sometimes, monsters. Soem of our mythological creatures like our  mermaid sculptures and statues come in bronze and aluminum. We also highlight the sphinx statues for those who love everything unimaginable. Whatever your inclinations, we are sure our mythological catalogs will have something of interest to all.
Dragon Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Our dragon statues catalog highlights oriental dragon statues including the Kirin and medieval dragon sculptures and figurines s to unique dragon figurines and dragon lanterns for your home and garden.
Gargoyle Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Gargoyles intrigue. Our gargoyle catalog highlights small to large gargoyle statues and figurines to large garden gargoyles and even stone gargoyle statues for the garden which does not like anything blown away.
Gnome Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Garden gnomes add whimsical interest, as well as mystery and character to the garden. Our catalog highlights adorable gnome statues for the garden.
Explore resin and concrete griffin statues and sculptures including solar griffins and griffin pedestals for the home and garden.
Mermaid Statues, Sculptures and Gifts
Discover mermaid statues, sculptures and figurines for indoor and garden decor; also visit for unique mermaid gifts like wind chimes, candle holders, bronze mermaid figurines, fountain statues and more.
Why not include some cast stone gargoyle statues - our catalogs feature some of these home dweller protectors and the mermaid sculptures feature an astounding range of even mermaid fountain spitter statues and pond statues which will surely set a way for a garden landscape that is simply promising the most inviting? Email us if you need more information on our garden statue selections.
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