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Oscar the Cat Statue

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Oscar the Cat Statue
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Item Number: 12223
Oscar the Cat statue is a funny cat statue created with much flair and taste for the extraordinary. Available in several attractive finishes, this intriguing cat statue is suitable for both home and garden use.
Made of durable grade resin with marble aggregates.

Dimensions: 22"H x 11 x 5.25"D

Normally ships in 2-3 weeks.

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Cat Fun Facts

Do you know that urine marking can sometimes be a sign of a medical issue in cats? With male cats, urine marking could mean that your cat may be suffering from an infected urinary tract. Sometimes, when this happens, your cat may suddenly stop using the litter box and spend a lot of time trying to urinate. At times, some cats may even draw you to watch it as it urinates in the hope that you will understand that it has a serious problem urinating. It is always important to get your cat the treatment needed because cats can die from failing urinary tracts.

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