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Gloria Victis Life Size Sculpture
Gloria Victis Life Size Sculpture
List Price: $29,998.00
Your Price: $19,600.00
You Save: $10,398.00 (35 %)
Gloria Victis Life Size Sculpture
Our life size Gloria Victis sculpture comes beautifully detailed and based on the works of Antonin MerciƩ, a French sculptor. Bronze sculpture.
Life Size Roman Soldiers - Pair
Life Size Roman Soldiers - Pair
List Price: $52,000.00
Your Price: $29,500.00
You Save: $22,500.00 (43 %)
Life Size Roman Soldiers - Pair
Add a statement with a pair of these Roman soldiers for your park or by the pool. Bronze sculptures.
Greek Face Sculpture
Monumental Roman Soldiers on Bases
List Price: $59,800.00
Your Price: $36,000.00
You Save: $23,800.00 (40 %)
Monumental Roman Soldiers on Bases
One of our amazing sets of Roman soldiers which will grace the courtyards and entrances of palatial homes. Bronze.
Roman Centurion with Vinewood Staff
Roman Centurion with Vinewood Staff
List Price: $75,000.00
Your Price: $48,500.00
You Save: $26,500.00 (35 %)
Roman Centurion with Vinewood Staff
A Roman Centurion directs with his vinewood staff and establishes his control. Bronze sculpture.
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Landscaping Ideas with Life Size Statues: Using Sculptures with Meaning

Once your landscaping design is in place, the next step would be to include what’s on your wish list and that may include sculptures and ornaments. A wish list should also be able to list your plans for the type of garden you want because that would in turn influence the kind of sculptures you are looking to have for your garden. If you have young children, chances are you want to make the garden safe for your children and so, you have to plan to include features that may not impede your child’s progress in the garden. You might want to keep away thorny plants and shrubs away as well as delay your plans for setting up a water feature like a pond or a swimming pool. And sometimes, that could mean not investing in statues which you may not want your child to topple over. But, as you plan your landscaping design, your decision should include a combination of small and large sculptures as well as ornaments like finials and orbs when landscaping for your front yard or backyard.

For a large garden, plan to include 4ft garden statues set on a pedestal as well as larger sculptures to fill a niche such as 5ft and 6ft garden statues like a set of Four Season Statues to show your love for the four seasons or consider adding sculptures that add a touch of whimsy to the garden like sculptures of turtles and frogs or rabbits which create some fun and laughs. You can also add mythological sculptures like mermaids to set character and mystery to your garden courtyard. There are many life size mermaid sculptures which add character to the garden landscape and are available as standalone statues, as inviting bird baths and also as pond statues for your desired water feature like a pond or pool.

Man’s preoccupation with sculptures has clearly intrigued him. It shows in the way sculptures have influenced our lives. We use them to tell a story sometimes making a representation for what we believe in and at times, for aesthetic value. Sculptures most certainly add character to our garden landscape whether you choose to add them in the back or the front yard. Consider investing in some life size statues or even life size zoo animals if you have a lot of garden space to spare. You want to also create focal points as you look outside your window and especially so if your house has large windows to frame the scene. As an example, you can set a niche in your garden landscape which uses the window like a frame so that when you look out of the window, you can appreciate a stunning view of your life size statues of the Four Seasons all set on pedestals to add privacy and character to your choice garden space which could be a courtyard or a patio.

There are so many life size statues and sculptures available for creating some neat landscaping design ideas. You can consider life size statues when landscaping around pools, around trees for added mystery or even amidst the bushes and to mark a new entry way to your yard. For instance, you could:

  1. Include life size children sculptures to celebrate the children in your family by introducing an inspiring children garden if your family has many young children around. Setting a boy and girl reading sculpture or a children sculpture that celebrates games like basketball, tennis and even football is just your way of associating the importance of your child to your life. You can also celebrate the dancer in your family by having an inspiring ballerina to complete the picture.
  2.  Include life size animal sculptures to celebrate the beauty of wildlife. For some, an animal is a source of a lot of inspiration. If you had a horse as a child or been surrounded by other pets like cats and dogs or have been passionate about saving the wildlife, you might want to include animal sculptures like a life size bear or a life size horse statue to complete the picture.
  3. Maybe you are a lover of the classical life and so, ballet might strike a chord with you. If this is so, consider adding unique ballet dancers and sculptures like a dancing ballerina or even a ballet themed fountain to add some character to your garden. There are so many ballet statues which tell a story about the dance and about celebrating someone who appreciates its form.
  4. If biblical sculptures are what you want, then you may be fascinated with sculptures of David and other religious sculptures like garden statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. Some may also like adding their favorite saint statues to the garden like Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Anthony of Padua. It all depends on what that garden is to you. How you define your garden is the best way you know that pleases you and creates the visual impact you want.
  5. Some homeowners may love the inclusion of life size sculptures of women to celebrate them. If you are mystified by the sculptures of the renaissance, then chances are you might like sculptures of ancient Greece and Rome. Why not explore the use of such female forms for adding character to a garden landscape? There are just so many available from the Rebecca at the Well statues to women holding urns for use as pond statues at the fountain.
Life size sculptures add character to the garden by creating a visual impact. You add 5ft and 6ft garden statues which can create an impact for a given location with the right setting. As your guests walk along the path to your garden pool or courtyard, you might want to add a lamp post sculpture like a golfer statue with lamp or a set of women holding torches to bring some enchanting light to the walkway and help your guests appreciate the quiet surprise of finding other sculptures you place by the pool or courtyard. Why not invest in life size statues and sculptures since they are now more affordable for those even landscaping on a budget? Email us for more information.
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