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Otter Statues, Sculptures and Figurines

No one can ignore the mischief that is quite apparent in these sea animals. Sea otters are notably social animals which love to be in groups and are often spotted in groups of 10 or much more. Our range of sea otter sculptures and statues also include cute gift ideas like our notable sea otter door knocker and sea otter wall hooks and key holders.
The sea otter is a mischievous animal often seen in coastal areas and riverways on every continent except the Antartica and Australia. These furry animals contain about 600,000 to 1,000,000 follicles of fur per square inch. It is little wonder why otters depend on their dense, water-resistant fur to provide the insulation given that they lack a blubber layer.
Our sea otter statues come beautifully detailed and highlight an adorable sculpture shown in a playful mode. Made of cast stone and concrete aggregates, our sea otter statue will surely add years of happiness in the garden. It also comes in several outdoor finishes to suit your decor needs. Other sea otter statues include brass sea otter figurines for the tabletop that can be used as gift ideas for friends and family. We even have a sea otter door knocker and a sea otter clothing hook for those wanting to create an aquatic look indoors.
Sea otters are inquisitive animals and often times, has intrigued man. They dive and swim against the tree logs in waterways and are a delight to watch. Why not match your decor with our range of brass otter statues and gift ideas like the sea otter door knocker? You can acquire that aquatic look which will complement any of your coastal or ocean home decor styles. Please email us about our sea otters line of products if you've any questions. Sea otter statues are also suitable as gift ideas for friends and family. You cannot go wrong presenting these fascinating otter statues because of the unique styles this statue will contribute to.
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Sea Otter Key Ring and Key Holder
Sea Otter Key Ring and Key Holder
List Price: $79.50
Your Price: $57.00
You Save: $22.50 (28 %)
Sea Otter Key Ring and Key Holder
Sea otters are playful animals who like to have a good time. Our wall key holder is made of brass and highlights happy otters all in a row.
Sea Otter Hook
Sea Otter Hook
List Price: $95.00
Your Price: $69.95
You Save: $25.05 (26 %)
Sea Otter Hook
Noted to be avid divers, sea otters enjoy much of their time in water but this one is happy with a nut. Brass.
Happy Sea Otter Statue
Happy Sea Otter Statue
List Price: $110.00
Your Price: $85.00
You Save: $25.00 (23 %)
Happy Sea Otter Statue
Here's a playful sea otter statue all happy and ready for the garden. Cast stone and cement aggregates.
Fun Loving Otter Sculpture
Fun Loving Otter Sculpture
List Price: $179.50
Your Price: $125.00
You Save: $54.50 (30 %)
Fun Loving Otter Sculpture
Our little otter has found a play buddy in the deepest depths of the ocean. Brass on marble base.
Sea Otter Door Knocker
Large Sea Otter Door Knocker
List Price: $199.95
Your Price: $150.00
You Save: $49.95 (25 %)
Large Sea Otter Door Knocker
Our sea otter door knocker adds a whimsical addition to your front door. A nice addition for a home with a coastal decor slant. Brass.
Sea Otter Desktop Clock
Playful Sea Otter Sculpture
List Price: $375.00
Your Price: $275.00
You Save: $100.00 (27 %)
Playful Sea Otter Sculpture
Add a playful fun to the desk with our adorable sea otter sculpture made of brass. Marble base.
Otters at Play
Otters at Play
List Price: $480.00
Your Price: $352.00
You Save: $128.00 (27 %)
Otters at Play
Two sea otters enjoy the comfort of the other in this tabletop sea otter sculpture for the desk. Brass with marble base.
Sea Otters Sculpture
Sea Otters Sculpture
List Price: $975.00
Your Price: $715.00
You Save: $260.00 (27 %)
Sea Otters Sculpture
Noted to be avid divers, sea otters enjoy much of their time in water. Brass on marble base.

Sea Otter Facts: Funny and Cute

Have you seen a sea otter? Notice the way it moves? They move fast, don’t they? That’s because sea otters have long and aerodynamic bodies making them natural born swimmers. These little animals which have a lifespan of about 12 years, are oftentimes seen floating on their backs and are the heaviest members of the weasel family. They are found in waterways in every part of the world except in Australia and Antarctica. They also have thick and dense fur which traps air and helps them maintain buoyancy. The fur keeps them warm.

These sleek creatures are also known to dive up to 330 feet in water when foraging for food. Sea otters live in dens. They do not make their own homes but live in homes created by other animals like the beavers. These versatile animals are known to be capable of using tools. For instance, they would use rocks to hammer and pry open shellfish.

There are currently 13 known species of sea otters, the largest of which is the giant otter which measures up to 1.8 meters long. The smallest sea otter, the Asian small-clawed otter, weighs about 11 lbs, and is known to grow up to 90 cm. In the United States, there are two types of sea otters. One is the Northern Sea Otter which lives in the Aleutian islands, Southern Alaska, British Columbia and Washington. The other is the California sea otter also known as the southern sea otter which lives in the Californian coastline.

Playful and Social Animals

Sea otters are known to be very socially integrated and curious. They love to play and would most often be seen sliding off embankments into the water, chasing their tails and would play around with other sea otters.

Love to Groom

Did you know that the sea otter loves to groom itself? In fact, they spend a significant amount of time grooming. They will clean their fur by biting it or rubbing it against the rocks and logs.

Carnivorous Diet

Sea otters are known to maintain the balance of the near shore kelp prey by feeding on small animals like the mussels, clams, abalone, crabs and snails. They also eat small mammals and birds. Since they are nocturnal, most of the hunting they do happens in the night. They also consume about 25% of their weight in food to make up for their high metabolism each day.


Female sea otters have a gestation of about 2-5 months depending on the species. Typically, they will have about 1-5 babies. These babies which are born with sealed eyes, are called pups and weigh anywhere from 128 grams for small species to about 5 lbs in large otter species. Sea otter pups will begin to swim at about 2 months. By age 2-5 years, sea otters will begin their own family.

Hunted for Fur

Most sea otter species like the giant otter, marine otter and the South American river otter, are threatened because there is a high demand for their very dense fur. It is said that only the North American river otter community seems to face no threat and are growing in population.

It can be enjoyable watching sea otters as they are very active and mobile animals. However, there should be wildlife efforts directed to protect them because they help maintain the ecosystem. Without them, the animals they eat will devour the kelp forests that provide food and cover for other marine animals. Sea otters also help reduce the levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide which helps kelp forests as well.

Because they are so cute and friendly to look at, there are many sculptures and statues created to celebrate sea otters. They form part of the marine life and hence, sea themed homes can expect to discover unique gift items like sea otter key hooks and sea otter statues that add character and color to the home. There's even a sea otter door knocker to add character to your front doors too!


C. Keller

5 January 2017

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