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Pig statues and large flying pig statues, garden pig sculptures and gifts add so much fun to the garden with their personable characteristics and penchant for adding to a whimsical fun. What is about these oversized animals that simply spark so much interest for a tale or a joke? Whatever they be, pigs will always draw our interest and the list of pig statues and sculpture we have are endless. Our pig gifts include pig figurines likes our popular winged pig statue, concrete pig statues for those seeking heavier pig statues and even a welcome pig statue. We even have adorable pig bookends and flying pig statues and decor gifts to add to the list.

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Extra Large Boar Sculpture - Bronze
Extra Large Boar Sculpture - Bronze
List Price: $12,570.00
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Extra Large Boar Sculpture - Bronze
This huge boar sculpture is a perfect for a garden or a museum. Bronze sculpture.
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Pigs are fun additions for the garden or for adding a whimsical touch to the garden, and those flying pig statues we have are sure to add some gleeful fun!

Fun Pig Facts: What You Didn’t Know

Mention the word “pig” and many of us may think humorously and laugh. Everyone likes the pig or do they? Well, in some cultures, the pig is considered taboo and dirty while in others, the pig has a symbolic value to the society. The Chinese for instance have chosen the pig as one of their zodiac animals while ancient Egyptians consider the female pig to be a symbol of fertility and abundance with the pig being sacred to their Goddess Isis. In other cultures like the Celts, the female pig was also honored as symbolizing abundance and is associated with Ceridwen and Phaea, both fertility moon goddesses. Ancient Greeks were also known to sacrifice pigs to deities to welcome a favorable harvest season so that bumper crops can be reaped.

So, what are some of the fun pig facts that we could know?

Do Pigs Fly?

You might wonder but there is a saying that goes, “when pigs fly”. This is generally a figure of speech and is meant to signify an impossible endeavor and fact. Sometimes, people use this term for a humorous effect, as a way of saying something that will never happen. However, at times, it could be used in a more serious context depending on the nature of the subject raised. Whatever it be, it is common these days to send gifts of flying pigs as a way of making light of an issue. When Ruth Plumly Thompson wrote her best selling The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, she included a character called “Pigasus” which was a flying pig character. Hence, they also make nice gift ideas. If you are seeking flying pig statues to send someone, why not consider our adorable little pig figurines or a pig door stops for functional effect?

Peppa Pig

Ever heard of Peppa Pig? It is a popular British animated television series starring pigs shown in your everyday life. They have homes, have jobs and are dressed like humans but the characters will continue to display the animal characteristics on which they are based. In April 2011, a Peppa Pig World family theme park opened in Hampshire, UK with promises of rides, a play zone, a splash park and other themed buildings for children.

Pigs in a Blanket

Sometimes called pigs in a blanket, this is a popular sausage based food eaten in many countries in Europe like Denmark, the UK, Ireland, Russia, Canada and the United States. In the US, pigs in a blanket refer to hot dogs rolled in croissant rolls but miniature sausages can also be rolled in pancakes and biscuit dough, and then served. There are many recipes showing different ways of making pigs in a blanket. They are most popularly baked in flaky pastry but sometimes, canned dough or frozen puff pastry is used. Occasionally, a dip may be used when serving the pigs in a blanket.

Pig Ears for Dogs

Did you know that pig ears are used to treat a dog? Dried pig ears are known to be a crunchy treat for dogs and can remove food residue and plaque from their teeth. Pig ears are sold in most pet stores like Petco. Because dogs like them so much, they are a great way of training your dog to respond to commands in exchange for a delicious treat!

Year of the Pig

The Chinese have 12 animals in the zodiac calendar and one of them is a pig which is also the last animal sign on the Chinese zodiac calendar. The Year of the Pig is a recurring position and refers to years like 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and the future years of 2019, 2031, 2043 and so forth. According to the Chinese, a person's characteristics are decided by their birth year's zodiac animal sign and one of the five recognized elements. Hence, pigs are thought to be diligent and compassionate possessing great concentration. Those born in the year of the pig are believed to be able to focus on setting goals and getting all they want. They are also generous and known to give others a hand. However, because they are trusting and do not suspect misdeeds, those born in the year of the pigs are easily fooled. In ancient Chinese culture, pigs are a symbol of virility and fertility.

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