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Polar Bear with Baby Statue

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Polar Bear with Baby Statue
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Polar bear cubs usually move around their mothers for warmth and maternity milk. Our artist captures the beauty and love of a young polar bear cub as it stretches its body to gain the protection of its mother. Made of resin, the polar bear and cub statue demonstrates the joy of love and protection from a loving parent bear.
Beautifully detailed sculpture.

Dimensions: 9"H x 15"L

Normally ships in 1-2 weeks.

Bear Facts

Polar bears live in the Arctic and are known to have lots of fat to keep warm. You may think the polar bear is a cute and cuddly bear but the truth is it is one of the most ferocious carnivores on earth. Their primary food is seals. Polar bears are still hunters and will stay by the seal holes for days just waiting for a seal to pop up so it can catch it for a meal. If food is plentiful, it will survive on seal blubber. Because they are ferocious hunters, they will seek out seal lairs and crash through the roof to kill the seals for food.

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