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Large Bookworm Frog Reading Sculpture

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Large Bookworm Frog Sculpture
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Item Number: 10283
Reading statues are a wonderful addition to the garden and they come in all sorts like this large bronze sculpture of Jake and his book. He seems rather enthralled redicovering everything that he missed in his school days and now, when the sun is down, will do anything to live his life with his book.

This is an adorable sculpture for the school garden or for anyone who loves frogs and reading!

Dimensions: 45"H x 25" x 21"

Normally ships in 1-2 weeks.

Frog Facts

Did you know that a frog may shed its skin on a regular basis sometimes daily and weekly, and will eat it? It is a process called dermatophagy. The reason frogs shed their skin is to maintain a healthy balance and shedding protects it this way but there’s one more thing it will do. After it sheds its skin, it will eat it to retain the nutrients in the old skin. Some scientists also believe that frogs and toads engage in this process to prevent predators from knowing they are around.

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