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Reading Children Statues and Sculptures

Inspire a school or library with our large to life size reading sculptures showing a boy or girl reading a book. Also accent the memorial garden with our reading children statues and add interest and character to the garden landscape.
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Reading Boy and His Listening Friends
Reading Boy and His Listening Friends
List Price: $12,998.00
Your Price: $7,200.00
You Save: $5,798.00 (45 %)
Reading Boy and His Listening Friends
One of our larger children sculptures, this beautiful children sculpture highlights the older child reading to the two young ones. Bronze sculpture.
Storytime Readers Bronze Sculpture
Storytime Readers Children Bronze Sculpture
List Price: $11,500.00
Your Price: $7,998.00
You Save: $3,502.00 (30 %)
Storytime Readers Children Bronze Sculpture
Our sculpture of two young children reading together will add a welcome to the garden landscape. Bronze.
Reading is Fun Bronze Children Sculpture
Reading is Fun Bronze Children Sculpture
List Price: $15,500.00
Your Price: $8,025.00
You Save: $7,475.00 (48 %)
Reading is Fun Bronze Children Sculpture
Our reading sculptures come beautifully hand finished as this bronze sculpture of two girls sharing a quiet read, demonstrates.
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Reading Statues Show the Value of Reading Books 

If you are a library looking for reading sculptures, you might be enthralled with the wide selections available in the marketplace. There are just so many types of statues available which capture the look and persona of little children reading a book. There’s the boy reading his book with a dog close by, there’s the brother and sister who share a closeness reading their favorite book, and there are statues shown of a boy leisurely reading a book atop a tree or a little girl reading on a bench. And the idea of mother spending time to teach her daughter about the value of reading is clearly captured in this sculpture, a wonderful choice and gift for Mother’s Day.

Reading sculptures also set a focal point for front yard landscaping. In fact, no one misses the look of a little boy reading a book or a little girl reading a book with her mommy. It captures so much the way we once felt about ourselves being little children not so long ago. Most of all, we see ourselves appreciating the sight of a little boy and girl sharing the joy that comes from reading and this only makes us choose to encourage our children to experience the joyous feeling that comes from making a good read.

When we see a reading child sculpture, we know it is a sculpture that will add value to our society because in identifying with such a sculpture, we are really making a point that reading is a hallmark in our society. Through reading, we learn about the world and the way to improve our lives. We also will acknowledge that reading is an ongoing activity and is needed to help us progress in society so that we acquire the necessary skills and abilities to contribute towards its progression.

Reading sculptures are therefore a fine way of encouraging and nurturing the reading habit beginning with the young child. Take a look around and you will notice that most sculptures which are placed in reading institutions like libraries and schools are made of bronze. This is a wonderful material to consider for long term use of the sculptures and it will patina beautifully over the years. Reading sculptures set up in such institutions should also be life size so that it is easy to be noticed. When set in a niche, it allows the passersby to stop and reflect that they are entering an institution of learning where books of all kinds can be found as a way of harnessing the gift of knowledge.

One can also find reading statues and sculptures in a school. Some schools might see an importance in investing and purchasing a sculpture of a boy or girl sharing a read to instill the value of reading as a motto for their institution. After all, this should come as no surprise since the school is a place of learning and statues of reading children will only complement the rules that schools emphasize on cultivating the reading habit. Schools can look to invest and set up such sculptures in their garden or front yard. These sculptures also look good close to the library or reading room where children engage in studying or doing their homework.

And if you are considering a memorial garden, you might also consider using reading sculptures to make a statement. Reading statues and sculptures are a fine way of celebrating the memory of a lost little boy or girl. Such sculptures add innocence to the garden and can make an inspiring addition by marking the garden as a place of solitude and meditation in remembering the child who has passed on. Many parents look to add such statues to a garden they create replete with their child’s favorite plants and flowers.

In all, reading statues and sculptures add a wonderful addition to a garden and offer a neat landscaping solution for schools and libraries looking to engage the theme of reading. For those who need information about our reading sculptures, please email us so we can help you further. We offer a choice of large to life size bronze reading sculptures as a way of making a statement for the garden and school or library.


C. Keller

13 March 2017

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