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Religious Statues

Our religious statues catalog features beautiful Christian and religious statues and sculptures from tabletop to life size statues, religious inspirational gifts which include beautiful home and garden nativity statues and nativity sets, religious art by way of religious plaques, St. Michael statues and other archangel statues and a fine line of Catholic sculptures and unique Catholic gifts.

Granite Catholic and Christian Sculptures
Granite offers durability and is often used for gravestones and memorials. Explore our granite sculptures and statues for the garden or your memorials.
Holy Family Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Discover small and large holy family statues including tabletop holy family sculptures and holy family figurines suitable for home and garden use.
Jesus Christ Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Explore inspiring sculptures of Jesus including Christ the Redeemer statues, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jesus with Lamb statues, the Good Shepherd and more.
Mary Statues, Sculptures and Tabletop Figurines
Our Mary statues feature Our Lady of Grace statues, the Madonna with Child, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Fatima and many inspiring Madonna and Virgin Mary statues.
Nativity Scenes
Our nativity scenes include a choice of the three kings, shepherd statues, lamb statues, donkey statues and just about any statue for the holy family or nativity sets.
Saint Anne Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Discover large to life size Saint Anne statues and sculptures for the garden, church and park.
Saint Francis Statues, Sculptures and Figurines
Explore life size Saint Francis of Assisi statues and inspiring St Francis garden statues for the church and garden.
Saint Joseph Statues and Sculptures
Discover large to life size St Joseph statues featuring the Patron Saint of Workers and many Saint Joseph with child marble statues.
Saint Michael Statues and Sculptures
Explore the Archangel Saint Michael statues including small and large Saint Michael statues and figurines, and St Michael gifts.
Saint Anthony Statues, Saint Bernadette, Saint Rita, Saint Jude, Saint Padre Pio
Explore many Saint statues including St. Magdalene, St. Francis, Saint Anthony with Child, St. Jude, St Paul, St. Peter and many more saint statues for the home, garden and church decor.
Small to Large Nativity Sets, Statues and Sculptures
Discover small to large nativity sets including resin nativity statues and large nativity sculptures for the church, home and garden decor.
Catholic and Christian wall sculptures
Explore wall sculptures of Jesus including the face after the Crucifixion, cherub and angel plaques and many other gifts for Christmas.
Our inspiring selections of Catholic and Christian sculptures are designed with character and love. Email us for more information.
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