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Saint Sebastian of Avla - Hand Painted

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Saint Sebastian of Avla
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Item Number: 12263
Saint Sebastian of Avla was the captain of the prestigious Praetorian Guards under Emperor Diocletian who was known to have persecuted many Christians throughout his time as Emperor because of his continued affirmation of the Roman Pantheon. Although Saint Sebastian was in charge of the guards, he practiced Christianity and worked ardently to support the faith, and succeeded in converting a number of his guards and prisoners to the faith. When Emperor Diocletian found out, he ordered that Sebastian be arrowed while tied to a stake. Miraculously, the saint survived the execution. He was nursed back to health but continued to mock Diocletian who then had him clubbed to death as he professed his love for Christianity.
Saint Sebastian is revered as a matyr for the Christian faith. His feast day is December 18.

Fiberglass resin.

Dimensions: 49"H 

We do not stock this statue. May take up to 12-16 weeks as this is imported from Italy.

This statue will be freighted. Please email for freight and pricing quote.
50% nonrefundable deposit to make this statue.

The sculpture is derived from a handcrafted replica and offers the fine features and details that you would expect from classic Italian statuary.
Slight variances can exist from statue to statue as each is individually hand crafted by an Italian artisan.
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