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Sea Grass Tango with Sea Turtles

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Sea Grass Tango (Sea Turtles)
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The strength and perseverance of the marine turtle is also highly dependent on man's resolution to ease marine life and ensure its constant survival. Created from brass and set on a marble base, our turtle sculpture adds a commanding statement for the home with a classical display of turtles amidst the sea grasses.

Dimensions: 20.5"H x 15.5"W x 15"D

Normally ships in 2-3 weeks.

Turtle Facts:

Many countries are guilty of supporting the illegal trade of sea turtle shells and sea turtle body parts. Many times, sea turtle eggs are also sold but because this happens in remote areas, the authorities oftentimes experience difficulties protecting sea turtles and stopping their poaching. This is because sea turtles contribute to the income of these remote areas making it necessary to provide these villages other attractive incentives so they can find other means of bringing revenue to their town. Because tourists ask for these illegal items, villages are often compelled to fulfill their demands in exchange for monies. It is therefore important for authorities to educate tourists and raise awareness about the illegal trade of sea turtle shells.

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