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Sea Turtles Adventure Fountain Statue

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Sea Turtle Adventures Fountain Statue
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Turtles are known to be one of the oldest members of the reptile family but are fast becoming an endangered specie due to man's frequent taste for its flesh and shell.
Here, our three turtles keep close and make their ventures together in this large fountain sculpture for the garden pool or pond.

Dimensions: 66"H x 60" x 35"

Normally ships in 2-3 weeks when stocked.

Turtle Facts

Did you know that oil spills and chemicals can affect the development of sea turtle eggs which have been laid into pits in nesting beaches? Oil can prevent oxygen from getting to the eggs leading to development problems for the hatchlings. Also, when oil prevents oxygen from getting to the eggs, this can affect the nest incubation temperature. One also needs to think about the little hatchlings which develop and the trouble they would have moving across oil slick beaches to the sea.

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