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Small Crouching Cat Statue

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Small Crouching Cat Statue
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Concrete Finishes*

Our cat statue shown here is created to be intermingled in the greenery or he can simply be set aside for all to admire. This crouching cat will not spring! Cat statue is made of cast stone and cement aggregates.

Dimensions: 12"L

Weight: 10 lbs


Normally ships in 1-2 weeks.

Cat Fun Facts

Have you ever wondered why a cat may rub its nose on you and even with another cat it sees? Cats engage in such behavior with any cat it knows and considers as a housemate. When cats rub noses, it can be a way of the cat catching up with another fellow cat and this means that it does not matter whether it just saw the cat last one hour ago or if it did not see the cat for many days. Each time friendly cats meet each other, regardless of the hour, they usually rub noses on the other to put both parties on the same level to the other. It is just a way of saying hello to the other.

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