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Marine Sea Turtles Bronze Sculpture

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Tabletop Sea Turtles - Bronze
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Sea turtles face endangerment and need to be protected. Naturalists have reported that many sea turtles are being hunted for their shells and as delicacies in certain parts of the world where their meat are treasured for taste and medicinal value.

Here, our bronze sculpture of two sea turtles are out for play, a delightful addition to the home which values the conservation of these beautiful creatures. Set on a marble base.

Dimensions: 29"H x 17" x 16"
We will match and do better on any in-stock or custom bronze sculpture. Email us.

Normally ships in 1-2 weeks.

Turtle Facts:

Sea turtles especially young green turtles are affected by the growing plastic debris that gets into the sea from the land. When the plastic enters the water, it can break down into smaller toxic forms that are bite size for the sea turtles to swallow. When the turtles consume this debris, the plastics get trapped in their stomachs and prevents them from swallowing food. The turtles also exhibit a problem called “bubble butts” which cause the turtles to float. That’s because the toxic debris will force the emission of gases within the turtle’s stomach causing it to float. This leads to starvation and makes them an easy prey for the sharks.

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