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The Call of the Wolf Statue

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The Call of the Wolf Statue
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The magnificent posture of the wolf is captured here in this large standing sculpture designed for indoor and outdoor use. Wolves are fast facing extinction because of man's continued encroachment on their habitat. This sculpture highlights a wolf sounding out a call to the pack.
Bronze sculpture.

Dimensions: 36"H x 46"W x 15"D
We will match and do better on any in-stock or custom bronze sculpture. Email us.
Normally ships in 2-3 weeks when stocked.

When a Wolf Howls:

A characteristic part of the wolf is the manner it engages the attention of its pack through howling. If a wolf travels at great distances and loses its pack, it will let out a screechy howl to raise the attention of its fellow mates so that it can be found. Wolves can maintain a high pitch howl for a long time until they are found. They also engage in communal howling when their territory is threatened by another wolf pack. Such moves are intended to threaten the invading pack from coming any further into their territory. Wolves will mark their territory in many ways including defecation and urination spraying their urine all over rocks and boulders, common walkways and pathways and also the bodies of skeletons. In the event of a threat, two wolf packs may challenge the other through howling and this can travel for miles away. It is known that wolf packs will attack the other to death when challenged

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